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Six types of human resource surveys you should implement in 2020

Posted on 1/8/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Thanks to widespread access to top-rated online survey software, it is easier than ever for organizations like yours to put enlightening human resource survey questions to your employees. These surveys reveal much about the man and women who work for you and how they feel about your organization and their roles within it.

The following six types of human resource survey questionnaires can help your business identify areas where improvements must be made as well as areas where they are exceeding employee expectations.

Employee onboarding survey. This human resources survey seeks feedback from new employees related to the recruiting, hiring, as well as the onboarding process your company has in place. Better onboarding can increase employee connection, offer better organizational culture integration, and boost job engagement, job satisfaction, and job performance. And, creating a positive experience early in an employee's career can help to keep them around longer to reduce employee turnover.

Employee benefits survey
. Designed to gauge overall employee satisfaction with benefits offered, this survey type also helps employees identify which benefits are most important to them, least important to them, and which they’d like to see offered in the future.

Training assessment and evaluation survey
. This type of survey measures how effective training and evaluations are in the eyes of employees. Specifically, you want answers about whether the training achieved its objective, which element of training was most beneficial to employees, how engaging the training was, and if employees have suggestions for making the training more effective.

Employee engagement survey.
One of the most important factors for employers to understand is how engaged your employees are in the work they do for you. This survey helps you discover how employees feel about the work they do and their role within your organization – how engaged they are in their jobs.

Job satisfaction survey. This survey tool helps you to understand how satisfied your employees are with factors like company culture, work environments, job roles, and other important aspects of their employment. This can be the first sign of problems if the survey reveals consistently negative thoughts and opinions in certain areas.

Exit interview survey. Intended to reveal the real reasons employees choose to leave your organization, this type of human resource survey may include questions about why they are leaving, what made them decide to apply for new opportunities, what they would change about the company, how the work culture affected their employment, etc.

The real secret to success when using a survey tool to create human resources surveys is to keep each one brief, on target, and specific. The right survey software can help you with the mechanics of the survey process. It cannot, however, ask the right questions to get useful results from your employees. That will require a little extra work on your part.
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