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Should you implement a patient satisfaction survey

Posted on 1/26/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
As the costs and margins shrink or pass your revenue goals, improving the experience of your patients is vital to your profitability and success in the healthcare industry. Satisfying your patients is important for your accountability to purchasers, payers, consumers and accrediting agencies. It's important for your accountability in healthcare as a whole. What are the benefits of providing your patients with quality care and leave them with an exceptional experience in your medical practices and hospitals?

According to a 2013 benchmarking report, the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) found that almost 80 percent of all practices perform better when they used patient survey software. These high-performing medical practices were more apt to use a survey tool to gain patient input when compared to other practices. So what are the benefits of patient satisfaction surveys?

Loyal Patients

By consistently offering your patients a satisfying experience, you can gain patient loyalty and end up being their chosen provider. Patient online survey software leads to increased quality of care, better practice performance, increased patient fulfillment, and overall more patient referrals. The key to growing your practice and operating successfully is satisfied patients.

Improve Patient Referrals

Word-of-mouth is a huge way of bringing in new patients and is definitely a welcoming alternative to having your patients go down the street to a different practice. As potential patients shop around for potential providers, word-of-mouth referrals from current patients will increase for your practice if you are providing a quality patient experience.

Improve Patient Reviews

Your online reputation can either make or break the growth of your revenue. The internet is typically the first thing people search when they are in need of a provider and having a positive reputation on sites like Yelp, Twitter or Facebook is crucial. Reviews on sites like these push potential patients to come up with an opinion about your practice before they even step through the doors.

Other Ways Online Survey Software Benefits your Practice

Improving your patients' experience and quality of care is more important than ever. Looking to your patients to see what type of quality of care you are providing and if there is room for improvement is a good idea. Surveys can:

  • Gather information on how long patients have to wait for admission or discharge.
  • Collect information on what kind of support your ongoing service provides.
  • Gather information on physician/patient interaction, nurse/patient interaction, payment issues, treatment/testing satisfaction and other essential issues.
  • Identify what motivates patient satisfaction and what leads to their dissatisfaction.
  • Learn why patients chose your practice over others.
  • Monitor the performance of staff and conduct patient assessments.

Patient satisfaction surveys and the benefits they provide can increase patient care, satisfaction, and referrals. To grow your medical practice, you need to first look at the type of care and atmosphere you are providing for your current patients. A patient satisfaction survey can surely help.
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