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Should you conduct an employee opinion survey in your company

Posted on 7/29/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Employee opinions surveys are important tools businesses can use to fill a variety of needs. Every company that hires employees would do well to conduct a comprehensive employee opinion survey at least one time. The good news is that you can make the survey as simple as possible for employees by using online survey software.

Why Conduct Employee Surveys?

Old school business owners may be reluctant to adopt employee opinion surveys, but in order to meet the changing demands of an engaged workforce, surveys like this are critical. These are just a few significant reasons you’ll want to include annual surveys in your operational plans.

Measure Employee Engagement. Engaged employees are more productive, less likely to call out, and, above all else, loyal. They are the fiercest advocates for your business and will help your business accomplish great things.

Give Employees a Voice in Business Operations. This goes back to engagement to a large degree. Employees who feel as though their thoughts and opinions matter to the business will work harder to make the business successful.

Gauge Employee Opinions on Proposed Changes. Employees are the ones on the ground. In the trenches. They are the ones who feel operational, structural, and product changes most keenly in many cases. They also have the greatest interactions with customers and are ideally suited to know what changes will and won’t work.

If the changes relate specifically to them, it’s a good idea for the company to gauge employee reaction before final decisions are made in order to avoid mass confusion and risk a factory, office, restaurant, or store filled with disgruntled workers.

Determine Employee Morale. This is especially important in the aftermath of hotly debated or uncertain organizational changes or long periods where the company has been unable to offer salary increases or some sort of rewards for the hard work of employees.

An online survey tool is a small investment to make when considering the value of feedback and the knowledge gained from employee opinion surveys – especially when it comes to important matters such as these.

Best Practices for Employee Surveys

Survey software will only take you so far when it comes to employee surveys. You have to do the following in order to get more mileage from your survey efforts.
  • Keep the survey short and sweet. Longer surveys tend to turn employees off.
  • Ask specific questions. Avoid the temptation to try to lead employees to certain answers. Ask specific questions to obtain specific knowledge.
  • Practice transparency. Share the results of the survey with everyone. That way all employees know their voices were heard.
  • Put the results in action. Otherwise you’ll break faith with your employees and send the message that the survey was all for show rather than truly concerned about their opinions on the matter.
Simple moves like these will make your employee opinion surveys powerful tools for the good of your business and your employees.
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