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Should my business conduct a survey on Facebook

Posted on 10/7/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Are you wondering what your fans and friends think about something? You can ask them right on Facebook in a simple-to-use survey tool. With online survey software, you can easily share polls on your personal page or post a survey on your fan page or business page. Collect feedback from individuals where they're currently hanging out and make it simple for them to share the link to your survey.

A great way of increasing social engagement with your audience is to conduct surveys. Survey software lets you get to know your followers better and provides you with insight into what they're expecting from your brand. A survey may sound boring at first, but by offering an incentive to complete the survey, you can make it more engaging.

Some examples of incentives are:

• A coupon
• A free trial of a product
• A discount

Using Facebook for market research can help you:

1. Look at Your Fan Page for Insights

This will provide you with more data such as:

• The posts your audience finds more interesting and engage more with
• The demographics group of people following you

2. Target Capabilities

Surveys can help you target your audience on Facebook. You can target a specific business or consumer audience. You can target things like:

• Locations visited
• Age
• Job titles
• Interests
• Likes

There are many possibilities.

3. Realize Cost Effectiveness

Surveys on Facebook are cost-effective. Especially when you're trying to identify a laser-focused audience. And, you can pass the cost savings along to your clients to make it more affordable to do market research.

4. Conduct A/B Testing

A/B testing has become a popular trend, not just on Facebook, but with other types of survey tools too. Online survey software lets you splice invitations and send out two invites separately so you can test them. You might find out one incentive you were offering increases the number of respondents than another or one subject line you used for your survey works better than another.

You can also do some A/B testing on certain Facebook ads to the same audience. You can monitor a couple of ads during a soft-launch and see which ad performs better. You can swap out imagery or text and going forward, use the ad that performed the best. This will make your whole survey process on Facebook more affordable and optimized.

As of the second quarter of 2020, Facebook had nearly 3 billion users, making it the largest global social network. If you’ve never utilized Facebook for surveys, you could be missing out on valuable feedback and growth. Keep in mind the viral network of Facebook. Even if you’re business only has 2,000 fans, each fan could have a network of hundreds, if not thousands, expanding your reach exponentially.

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