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Seven ways to increase your customer satisfaction surveys response rate

Posted on 5/8/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Like most business owners or savvy marketers, you're likely trying to figure out creative ways to learn more about your customers and what they're needs are. Customer satisfaction surveys are the perfect way to do this. However, creating the survey is only the beginning and perhaps the biggest obstacle to overcome is actually getting your existing and potential new customers to take it.

No doubt, your survey is just one of numerous other marketing messages your customers are receiving each week, so you need to stand out and not only get them to notice your survey, but also to take the time to fill it out. Here are 7 ways to increase your survey response rate:

1. Make Sure You Have the Correct Contact Information

Before beginning your survey tool, make sure the contact information you have for your customers is accurate. If 20 percent of your customer email addresses is inaccurate, then how do you expect them to respond to your online survey software? Conduct this due diligence check beforehand.

2. Make Them Feel Special

To get individuals to want to fill out your customer satisfaction survey, make them feel important. Express your genuine appreciation for their time in taking your survey. You may want to incorporate a message like this: We value what you think and would like your feedback. This lets them know that what they have to say is important.

3. Offer an Incentive

Offer your respondents some type of incentive for filling out your survey software. This can be in the form of discounts, giveaways, offers and so forth. Offering an incentive can really boost your response rate. It shows your customers you appreciate and value their time.

4. Create an Appealing Design

Make the design of your survey appealing and easy for your respondents. Make it simple to read and follow your questions. You can do this easily by adding branching and logic. You should adjust the tone of your survey to fit your target group. For instance, you can add fun images.

5. Send a Reminder Email

If your customers haven't responded to your survey tool, send them a little reminder email. Again, let them know you value their feedback. Make sure the reminder email has a different message than the original email.

6. Let Them Know What to Expect

Let your respondents know upfront what they can expect. In the subject line, say something like "Have 60 seconds?" or "Three Quick Questions." Minimize their burden of having to fill out a survey. Let them know it's quick and simple and will help you improve your company, product, etc.

7. Keep it Short

Keep your survey short. Don't fill your survey up with 10 to 20 unnecessary questions. When creating your questions, add in only what you absolutely need to know.

Put these seven tips into play today when launching your customer satisfaction survey, and you might just be surprised as to how great the response to your survey is.
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