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Seven ways to benefit from implementing a staff survey

Posted on 3/1/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Surveys are useful tools for businesses in a variety of ways. Many businesses make the mistake of only using them to explore outward – to find out how customers or potential investors feel about the organization. Savvy businesses, though, use the staff survey to look inward as an opportunity to learn important things about the people who work for them and how they feel about the business. These are a few benefits to consider for implementing a staff survey for your organization.

1. Measure Employee Engagement

Engagement is what keeps employees loyal to your business through thick and through thin. You can use online survey software to create anonymous surveys that tell you how engaged your employees are.

2. Understand Employee Motivations

The better you understand what drives your employees to work harder for your business, the better you will be able to provide those things, so your business can grow and thrive.

3. Discover Organizational Weaknesses

One of the most telling things revealed when using a truly anonymous survey tool for staff surveys is organizational weaknesses. Understanding what these weaknesses are can help you shore them up for a stronger organization in the future.

4. Restructure Benefits to Offer Wider Appeal

Survey software allows you to ask your employees what they really want in a benefits package to help you create packages or benefit options that offer more universal appeal to all your employees. The added benefit of this (pun intended) is that when employees are happy with their benefits and perks, they are less likely to pursue greener pastures looking for them.

5. Learn how to Alleviate Employee Dissatisfaction

Employee dissatisfaction is a spark that can become a forest fire when left unattended. Your survey can help identify areas where employees are dissatisfied so you can take corrective action to improve working conditions for everyone.

6. Find Out What is Working

Many businesses use surveys to find out what is "wrong" with the business. But, another thing many organizations forget to look for when conducting employee surveys is what is going "great" in your business. Understanding the things that make employees happy to come to work every day provides you with an opportunity to build on those things while seeking out new ways to improve engagement and increase overall job satisfaction. It also helps you to not unintentional change something that isn't broken.

7. Create an Open Dialog with Employees

Your employees are your most valuable resources when it comes to identifying positive changes that could be made within your organization. The anonymity of surveys gives them a voice to offer unfiltered commentary about working conditions, management, and improvements that could build your business bigger, stronger, and better in the future.

Today, it’s easy to conduct employee surveys using web-based online survey software. Use survey software wisely to conduct staff surveys that reveal many important things about your business, like these.
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