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Seven ways an employee opinion survey can benefit your organization

Posted on 9/27/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Employee opinion surveys are an important part of organization development and training as they allow you to gain feedback from staff on a variety of topics; like the quality of the working environment and how successful the company is in communicating with employees. Below are 7 ways an employee opinion survey can help your organization.

1. Get an Understanding of Employee Views

Gaining insight from your employees through a survey tool is essential. It helps you discover the main causes of both negative and positive employee opinions and arms you will accurate information that you can use to make necessary changes.

2. Build Stronger Relationships Between Employees and Managers

Employees and management are not always on the same page. Managers question if their employees are performing their jobs and working as hard as they should be. Employees feel that their managers micro-manage them. Truth is though; managers are looking for ways to measure employee engagement and satisfaction. By using online survey software, you can identify the issues from both sides and take action to build stronger working relationships.

3. Provide Instant Insight

If you're only conducting an employee opinion survey once a year, you're only gathering feedback once a month. Therefore, if there's a big issue that's been going on for many months, you might not hear about it until the end of the year when you send out a survey. However, when you send out opinion surveys more frequently, you're gathering instant information you can use to improve your operations.

4. Measure Employee Satisfaction

A big reason why many organizations survey their employees is to determine how satisfied they are. Gathering information on various work-related issues like compensation and benefits, work hours and job satisfaction will help you gain your employees' specific opinions and perceptions.

5. Measure Employee Engagement

Survey software allows you to measure your employees' engagement level. They help you measure the key engagement drivers inside your company allowing you to determine if your staff is engaged or not. Although there's no set engagement drivers, some common factors to assess may include recognition, advancement, work environment, training and development and leadership.

6. Allows Your Employees to Speak Their Mind

With this type of survey tool, you're giving your employees a chance to speak their mind and offer feedback. Surveys provide the opportunity to involve employees by establishing two-way communication and providing them with a direct voice to their managers. When employees are actively involved in the company's planning process, they realize that their opinions are important to you.

7. Understand Why Employees Leave the Company

An exit survey is another way for departing employees to voice their concerns, opinions and offer you a reason why they are resigning. By gaining this valuable insight, you can come up with ways to prevent turnover.

With so many ways that an employee opinion survey can benefit your company, isn't it time you implemented one today?
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