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Seven types of internal company surveys you should be using

Posted on 4/10/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Company surveys are a time-efficient, convenient method of collecting relevant information on a variety of company operation aspects. They give you an insight into your workforce's overall condition and your employees' motivation, level of engagement and satisfaction. They build trust between management and employees and offer a sense of involvement. In addition, internal company surveys may also check employees' energy in important decision making.

If done correctly, employee surveys will allow you to collect relevant information efficiently and quickly. But, if done incorrectly, they'll only burden your staff, be time-consuming for them and possibly further accentuate the division line of employee-management.

Below we'll go over some common online survey software types and offer some insight on how to conduct your surveys in a way you'll receive the information you're looking for, but also respecting the obligations and time of your employees.

Below are seven types of internal company surveys you should be using.

1. Satisfaction survey: Satisfaction surveys are a survey tool used occasionally for assessing the overall satisfaction level of your employees within your company and their role in it. It's used for identifying any critical problems while helping you respond to them accordingly.

2. Opinion survey: These are used for gathering employee opinions about certain issues. They're often used when a company is considering implementing a new policy or when suspecting or identifying a pressing problem it needs to resolve.

3. Employee engagement surveys: Measures how eager, engaged and dedicated your employees are with respect to their coworkers, job, company and management. Engaged employees are usually more productive, which can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

4. Employee performance appraisal: Management assesses and offers feedback on the job performance of their employees, including steps to redirect or improve activities as needed. Companies also use these to allow employees to complete their own performance appraisal. Then they can compare the employee's perception of performance with management's appraisal to see if there are any significant misperceptions.

5. Employer improvement surveys: Offers your staff the chance to provide you with constructive criticism. You can use this feedback to strategize different ways of improving your organizational processes and check for areas of weakness.

6. Employee exit surveys:
Offers valuable insight into your workplace's training, relationships, work processes and opportunities for growth within your organization. These surveys can help to decrease employee turnover if you improve areas causing employees to jump ship for another competitor.

7. Professional department surveys
: Ask your staff if they feel you've provided them with proper development tools and training to advance their career within your company. If not, you can work to add more training and/or job-related development tools.

Do you use any of the above employee survey software options in your company? How do they benefit your organization?
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