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Seven training evaluation survey tips

Posted on 9/3/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software tips

Training evaluation focuses on the effectiveness of the trainer in creating and delivering the training, as well as the content being delivered. Training survey software is becoming very common in the workplace, which makes both professional development and training effectiveness a more beneficial process.

Whether it's a post-training effectiveness survey or a training needs assessment, asking your staff for feedback is crucial as you'll find out what's really in your best interest for investing in the training objectives. It also can help leave both your training staff and trainees feeling more productive and valued.

As with any survey, it can be difficult to know the proper approach, so here are seven training evaluation survey tool tips:

1. Direct the questions you ask to your training's objectives.

Ask if your staff understood the material the training presented and if they feel they can now apply what they learned.

2. Ask about training engagement.

An important element of any process of training is engagement. Did you set the training program up so your staff can engage actively in their learning? Does the training teach and show them what to do instead of just telling them? This question helps you measure the flow and organization of your training process enabling you to make adjustments based on the returned feedback.

Have your trainees rate their ability to engage on the training. Did they feel like a bystander or an active participant in the training?

3. Only ask about the things you can or will change.

These can include things like:
• Different length of a session
• Different sequencing of material
• Different venue

For instance, if you don't plan on having the training in the same location again, or if you must deliver it in the same location always, there's no point asking the trainees about the location.

4. Ask about attractiveness.

An important part of online survey software for training evaluation questions is the overall look and feel of the course. Things that would fall under this aspect include any type of course-related material such as:

• Presentation slides
• Participant handouts
• Multimedia

This is an essential element, especially for eLearning courses since it lets you know if your learning environments, interface, and multimedia resources are appealing aesthetically.

5. Keep your evaluation brief.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the training survey no longer than a page or more than five minutes for trainees to complete.

6. Ensure they know you want their honest feedback on the evaluation questionnaire.

This will help you determine what needs to stay the same and what to change for you to provide effective training.

7. Ensure the training evaluation survey is anonymous so the trainees know they can be as honest as they want.

This includes having a way for them to return the survey (i.e. leave face down on a table, put in a box, submit online without an apparent return email address).

Training evaluation surveys provide you with valuable insight from the trainee's perspective of your training program. Keep in mind, the main star of the show is often the trainee, not the content and you don't want to treat your trainees as just an afterthought. Obtaining trainee feedback about your training program must be prioritized.

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