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Seven tips to design an evaluation survey using survey software

Posted on 5/22/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software tips
An evaluation survey can be an effective way of collecting information from a significant number of respondents. Generally, the goal of surveys is to gather up information from a portion (sample) of a wider or broader population. When a random selection of respondents is selected for the sample from a specific sampling frame, the findings may be generalized to the whole population confidently.

You can conduct surveys in several ways (by phone, by mail or in-person), however, the best way with today's technology is through online survey software. Below we'll examine seven tips that will guide you in creating surveys that deliver effective answers you can use for driving change and improvement in your organization.

1. Plan Your Evaluation Survey

A strong evaluation survey begins with a plan. When developing your plan, consider the following:

- How will your survey provide value for growing relationships?
- Can you use your survey software to create collaboration opportunities (the development process, the responses, both)?
- Can you use the information you capture from your survey easily?
- Are you gaining behavior insight?

By having a thoughtful plan before you start creating your survey tool, it streamlines the creation process, helping ensure you can leverage the responses you obtain for quality improvement.

2. State the Purpose of your Evaluation Survey Clearly at the Top

To make improvements, you need meaningful feedback from students. Gathering student's input on their class learning is important and provides guidance to improve.

3. Create Clear Questions Focused on Your Purpose

Question your respondents about one thing.

4. Offer Space for Both Open-Ended and Closed Question Types

If you include open-ended questions on your evaluation survey, it will help you gain insight you likely wouldn't have otherwise.

5. Design the Elements of Your Survey

Once you have set up your questions, spend some time designing your survey. Your design can affect your response rate greatly. If your survey is confusing or overwhelming, students will most likely not want to complete it. So, keep it short. You'll also want to use types of questions easy for students to digest and complete.

6. Make Edits Before Finalizing

Everyone would like to believe they're writing cleanly enough that they don't have to review their work after they draft it. But, we often don't pick up our own mistakes. You may even want to get another set of eyes on your work who may pick up on things you may have missed.

7. Distribute Your Survey

Distribution is the last piece of your course online survey software puzzle. The days of simply handing out paper questionnaires in the classroom to gather feedback is over. These days, students are busier and tech savvy. You don't want to inconvenience them with a paper questionnaire which is a sure way of gathering up careless responses. An online, mobile-friendly form is a better way of distributing your surveys to gather informative responses.

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