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Seven tips for using email survey software from start to send

Posted on 6/20/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software tips

An email survey can be a convenient approach to collect data and feedback about your services or products or to conduct market research. It's often a cost-efficient practice that can achieve quicker responses and results than conducting surveys by telephone or mail. But, it takes a little more planning than simply adding your survey link to the body of your email and hoping for a good response rate.

First, you need to use a good email survey software. Then, you should learn how to use your survey tool effectively. Here are 7 tips to use your email online survey software effectively.

1. Create Your Survey

You first want to create your survey and test it out. This means including any exit pages or redirects you want and then previewing your survey to make sure it works properly.

2. Create Your Email
Next, you'll create your email. Items you'll need to consider include to:

- Give the email a name
- Create a clear subject line
- Add who it's from
- Import your recipient list
- Import your content

3. Add Your Survey

Now it's time to add your survey. After selecting your survey, you can do some customizations, like adding a call to action button and customizing the text. You'll also want to consider branding, such as adding your logo and color scheme.

4. Preview and Test the Email

Preview your email and see how it looks on both a mobile device and a desktop computer. The former is essential since most people always have them with them, and many individuals these days use these smartphones more than their computers or tablets.

If you need to make any edits, this is the time to do so. Then send the email to yourself to test it. Once you complete the previewing and testing of your email and you're happy with how it looks, it's time to send it to your recipient list.

5. Launch Your Email Survey

You can send out your survey by email or with most email survey software, you'll find a built-in bulk distribution mail list feature.

6. Analyze the Results

As your respondents start sending back your surveys with their responses, you can generate the results automatically in a form of percentages, charts and raw data. Most email software will track your results automatically. Either way, you can view your response rates in real-time.

7. Act on the Responses

After analyzing the results, you can then act on the feedback you obtained from the surveys. This will help you make improvements and informed decisions that can help your business. You can also send out thank-you emails or follow-up reminders to those who haven't filled out your survey yet.

Email surveys, like any initiative, require planning and process. So, the more clear you are about your audience and goals, the better positioned you'll be for collecting valuable feedback and acting on it effectively.

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