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Seven tips for sharing employee engagement survey results

Posted on 11/27/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Chances are you understand the essential components involved in designing a survey and survey strategy with increasing employee productivity and engagement being the ultimate goal. However, an effective employee engagement survey is much more than just collecting, researching and analyzing the data.

A crucial (and often overlooked) component is employee engagement surveys is post-survey communication. Sharing the results of your survey is a significant part of the survey strategy. It shows your employees you're listening to and value their opinions and feedback. Below are 7 tips for sharing your employee engagement survey results.

1. Visual Presentations

These help you communicate the results with credibility and clarity. The more charts, graphs and other visual aids you can use, the better, since the human brain interprets images 60,000 times quicker than it does text since 93% of communication in humans is visual.

2. Decide on How Transparent You Want to Be

Before you provide the results of your employee engagement survey, you'll want to decide on how transparent you'll be with the results. Of course, we want to be 100% transparent, in a perfect world, with the results. But, if you're not there yet, that's fine. You've already taken steps to 100% transparency by conducting the survey.

3. Be Timely With the Results

If you're quiet after you implement employee engagement online survey software, you're sending a loud message that's not ideal. By following up in a timely manner after using your survey tool, it shows you acknowledge the responses and thank your employees for their participation. It shows you care and will set the expectation that you'll use the information collected to take action on those things your employees care about.

4. Help Your Employees Connect the Dots

Your employees, on their own, likely don't see the connection between improvements made following a survey and their feedback. When you're making improvements, remind your employees of the survey feedback. But, you'll want to avoid creating the perception you're only interested in score comparisons. Instead, you'll want to focus on the experiences of your employees and what they're telling you.

6. Make the Results Accessible

Make the survey results accessible in real-time using web-based tools like online dashboards. As mentioned earlier, showing real-time results lets your employees know they're being heard and this will likely encourage them to participate in more surveys in the future.

7. Be Clear, Open and Objective

The way you discuss the survey results will set the tone. If you're looking to improve survey engagement and participation, you'll want to be clear, open and objective. Talk about the results openly and not just about the good but also the bad. Communicate objectively about the findings and be as concise and clear as possible about your intentions and what you plan on doing next.

The way you communicate the results of your employee engagement survey software can make or break your ability to increase employee advocacy, intent to stay and discretionary effort. Follow these seven tips for post-communication after your employee survey to take the most advantage of your surveys, both now and after you close the survey and in the future.
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