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Seven times you should conduct a product survey

Posted on 7/19/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Consistent and regular product feedback is crucial, no matter your line of business. It’s true that you often receive spontaneous feedback from customers. Through this, you can gain invaluable insights and information. However, one of the best ways to systematically collate actionable information from a representative group of your customers is to carry out a product feedback survey.

You can track fluctuations in customer attitudes towards your products by repeating the survey regularly. Using this survey tool, you can direct future product marketing and development that takes customer likes and dislikes into account.

The timing of your survey depends on your own company needs. However, there are certain points in a product’s life cycle when you may want to conduct a survey via online survey software.

1) Prior to a New Product Launch

You’ll want to survey your customer base before you even create a new product and certainly before it’s launched. You can save yourself a lot of money and time by doing this. You want to ensure you connect with what your customer base actually needs. With this in mind, mid-production research and price point research are crucial.

2) During Product Launch

Rolling out a product survey during the launch of a product is recommended. You can then collect data on aspects such as usability and special features of your product.

3) Before the Market Changes

Redoing your product survey before the market changes gives you a real insight into how consumer currently feel and view your product.

4) After the Market Changes

You have your before-market changes survey and can compare this with one run after the market changes. You would run an after-market changes survey via your survey tool perhaps when new technology is released that impacts how consumers interact with your product, a cultural event affects your target audience or if a new competitor in your market makes themselves known.

Any of the above can greatly affect how people see your product. It’s therefore imperative for you to get in tune with these changes as soon as you can.

5) Prior to a Product Update

You should always touch base with your customers when you’re considering a product overhaul. In fact, you can even pick their minds for ideas. Many consumers don’t like change. Find out how yours view your proposed update.

6) During a Product Update

As you plan your changes you can ask your customers for ongoing feedback via your survey software. Are they happy with the direction you're taking? What do they think you can do better? Loyal customers are ones who've listened to. Remember this.

7) After a Product Update

Asking the same questions when your new product is released or a few weeks or months afterward is another great way of gaining insight into what your customers think.

So, now that you know the seven times you should conduct a product survey, it’s time to put your knowledge into action!
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