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Seven steps to create an effective holiday season consumer survey

Posted on 12/12/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

The holiday season is officially upon us. For business owners, the holiday frenzy can be exciting. But it can also be overwhelming and stressful. After all, during this time of the year, both small and mid-sized companies that cater to consumers will make as much as forty percent of their annual sales in the final two months of the year.

This means retailers will have to ensure that there is sufficient staffing, product inventory, and capital to meet the upcoming demands, as well as to appeal to the holiday needs of consumers.

To ensure your business’s success during the holiday season a consumer survey can be beneficial. Yes, conducting a consumer survey will help establishments plan ahead, avoid costly marketing and customer service mistakes during this important time of the year for any retail business.

Check out these seven steps for creating a holiday season consumer survey that gets results.

1. Define Your Holiday Goals

Retailers should clearly define their holiday goals when creating the ideal consumer survey. This can be done by analyzing what exactly you're interested in accomplishing. Goal-related questions include: Does the store require improved staffing or customer service during the holiday season or maybe you’ve experienced challenges in maintaining adequate inventory?

2. Invest in a Quality Survey Tool for Consumer Surveys

A quality online survey software can take a lot of the legwork out of the creation process. There are numerous survey tools that you can select from to create, host, and distribute your survey.

3. Utilize A Holiday Themed Template

Most survey software includes a plethora of templates. However, since your focusing on the holiday season it's best to opt for a holiday-themed survey template. This will no doubt get your respondents excited and in the mood for the upcoming holiday.

4. Questions Should Be Clear and Consistent

Survey questions should be kept short and simple. Avoid complex questions that will confuse respondents. Keep these three things in mind when creating survey questions:

* Goal of your holiday survey
* Don’t attempt to persuade the audience
* Make sure each question focus on just one element

5. Don’t Forget Branding

Of course, you will want to brand your surveys with your company’s logo. Branding is crucial because it will ensure that your survey is consistent with your business.

6. Send Out Creative Survey Invitations

Writing an effective invitation for your holiday survey is imperative. Much like an invitation to a party, this invitation should be friendly and provide valuable information so that people are willing to take the holiday season consumer survey.

7. Carefully Review

Before the survey is officially launched it should be thoroughly reviewed for quality. You’ll want to ensure that all technical errors are addressed. After all, your customers won’t be interested in taking a survey that loads slowly or isn’t mobile friendly.

It’s not too late to incorporate these seven steps to create an effective holiday season consumer survey this year. Get started today.

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