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Seven reasons why visitor surveys are a must-have marketing tool

Posted on 5/27/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Museums and art galleries have historically relied on collections and exhibits for attracting visitors. More of them, however, are gaining a customer service-oriented mindset characteristic of large businesses. You can see some of this shift in the fast adoption of visitor surveys that collect visitors' feedback about their experiences and demographic characteristics like:

• Dislikes
• Likes
• Income
• Age
• Gender

But museums and art galleries aren’t the only organizations that prudently use visitors surveys. All sorts of businesses, from automobile dealerships and restaurants to theme parks and beauty salons, can benefit from visitor surveys. Here are 7 reasons why visitor surveys built with online survey software are a must-have marketing tool.

1. Capture the Demographic Data and Preferences of Visitors

Visitor online survey software is a good tool for understanding which parts of your business visitors like the most and the least according to demographics. In the museum and art galleries examples, you can find out which collections and exhibits are the most popular and for various demographic information like gender, income and age. This can help you in marketing strategies tailored to these demographics.

2. Enhance the Experience of Visitors

You should display your visitor survey software on tablets for enhancing your visitors' overall experience. When your visitors are engaging with digital technology, it enhances their experience as well as increases their engagement.

3. Helps With Marketing Planning

A visitor survey tool enables you to come up with a more efficient marketing plan. Through marketing, you can make your targeted demographic aware of the different types of services or products you're offering and this can help you reach a bigger audience.

4. Helps Local Businesses Develop and Target Offerings to Visitors

Visitor survey software helps you help local companies focus on their offerings to visitors. The more visitors are satisfied with local companies, the more money will go into your community. It’s a win-win all around.

5. Support the Future Expansion of Business

Business expansion is an essential part of community development. A visitor survey can help you support future business expansion in your area and improve your local space, helping in progress.

6. You'll Let Visitors Know You Care

Individuals like to share their feedback and opinions, no matter if it's good or bad. They also like to know you're listening to them. Surveys assure your visitors you're listening to their opinions and taking their thoughts into account. But, you'll want to be sure you're also taking action so your visitors know you're genuine.

7. Allows You to Create Actionable Goals

Visitor feedback can help you create realistic goals. You can then turn around and work on achieving these goals which can lead to impactful organizational change.

Bottom line: Don’t let visitor surveys fly under the radar of your marketing tools. Take action steps today to incorporate them into your upcoming campaigns and see just how beneficial they might be for your business. But remember, conduct visitor surveys regularly, and be sure to take visitor feedback to heart by implementing positive changes that are important to them.

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