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Seven reasons to use multi lingual surveys using online survey software

Posted on 3/7/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Online survey software will help you get a better understanding of what your customers or clients think about your business. They're a great way to collect valuable feedback by asking specific questions. The information you collect is essential for influencing your future marketing strategy and future business.

To fully benefit from your research consider creating multilingual surveys as an added bonus for business marketing. They allow you to broaden your market and collect information from a wider audience, particularly if you're targeting international markets. Below are 7 reasons to use multilingual survey software.

1. More Accurate and Quicker Data Collection

A significant benefit of a survey tool is they don't require as much time for completion. So, you'll receive your data almost immediately. Also, since you won't need to wait for paper questionnaires to come in and having to compile them, the accuracy of the data you receive is very high.

2. Simple to Use

Online multilingual surveys are simple to use for both marketers and respondents. Since most individuals these days have Internet access, it's easier for respondents to access your online survey from their smartphones or other mobile devices and spend a few minutes answering your questions. You'll also have instant access to this data.

3. Different Ending Scenarios

Since your surveys are in various languages, you can customize the ending scenarios uniquely like redirecting your respondents to a certain page targeted directly to them, sending them to a customized thank you page, etc.

4. Custom Integrations or Configurations

Each of your surveys can have individual and custom configurations and integrations. For instance, you can custom configure each language if you setup webhooks. This is true with integrating your surveys with third-party integrations, Google Sheets or other data or analytical tools.

5. More Honesty

Individuals find it simpler to respond more honestly with online survey software than by answering questions through a written questionnaire or telephone interview. Online surveys provide your introvert customers and clients the ability to be honest and more detailed with their answers.

6. Quick Analysis

The days of spending countless hours reading surveys and figuring out what people wrote are over. When launching an online survey, the results come to you in real-time. And, based on the information you receive, you can easily and quickly create graphics and reports to under the feedback your customers are providing you.

7. Affordable

Having to hire people to post your questions and gather up the data is one of the greatest costs of market research. With online surveys, however, you don't need that many people for this job. You obtain the responses instantly and automatically and therefore, won't need to shell out a lot in research costs.

If you haven’t yet embraced utilizing survey software for multilingual surveys, perhaps now is the time to look into it, particularly if your business involves reaching customers or clients beyond our nation’s borders.
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