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Seven reasons to conduct your own salary survey

Posted on 7/22/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

The most essential tool a company has is its employees. In order to provide your employees with a great experience, attract top talent to your company, and limit turnover, providing a fair salary is important.

A salary survey tool is one tool you can use for ensuring you're offering your workers a fair benefits and salary package. There are many reasons why online survey software for compensation will be great for your company.

1. Retaining Employees

Salary survey software helps you support and maintain your workers. When you create a culture of reasonable pay on a competitive approach, you can better maintain employees.

2. Attracting Top Talent

To attract top talent, you'll want to obtain salary data beyond your own company. While Internet salary searchers could offer you an approximate number of what a certain position is worth, the data is typically based on keyword searches, serving up only a close approximate number based on the titles of jobs and this isn't always accurate.

Internet salary search results don't always adjust salary for things like:

• Specific skills
• Geography
• Company size

And, the salary suggestions a free Internet search provides doesn't tie to your particular company's salary strategy, which could dictate you pay some more critical positions in a higher percentile, but less for others.

3. Adopting to Changing Market Values of Salaries (particularly technology jobs)

A job salary not only changes over time based on the experience level, but some jobs' market value can change quickly as well, particularly with today's advanced technological innovation. Companies' that adopt new technologies such as cloud computing, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence not only transform existing job roles, but also create totally new professions, according to a Jobs and Al Anxiety report.

4. Complying With Legal Requirements

Participating consistently in a salary survey tool helps ensure your business stays in legal compliance and isn't at risk for "price fixing." When you don't review reputable market data, you limit your options to Internet searches, contacting the competition or networking hearsay and this can put you at risk of antitrust law violation. Third party survey software provides your company's peers with current data while maintaining confidentiality by following the Federal Trade Commission's (FTCs) and US Department of Justice's Safe Harbor Guidelines.

5. Improving Company Morale

Salary surveys can be great for employee morale. They help show your workers you care about them, particularly about their financial wellbeing. By providing bumps in compensation and additional benefits, you can make your workers happier.

6. Obtaining Reliable Salary Data

For you to be extremely competitive in a tight labor market, you'll have to obtain reliable salary data collected from what companies are paying for actual positions, preferably for the same:

• Location
• Industry
• Company size

You can't get this data free on the Internet.

7. Offering Convenience

While it used to be a time-consuming process to complete a salary survey, you can now complete it fast because of survey software. By using this online survey software, you can gather up salary data quickly.

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