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Seven reasons to conduct an organizational culture survey now

Posted on 12/23/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Organizational culture can be defined as the underlying assumptions, beliefs, ways of interacting, and values that contribute to the different psychological and social organization environment. It includes the company's experiences, expectations, values, and philosophy that influence member behavior and is conveyed in member inner workings, self-image, and interactions with the world outside as well as future expectations.

Reasons to conduct an organizational culture survey, even in a pandemic, are:

1. Binds a Company and Employees Together

An inclusive, well-defined and positive organizational culture binds the company and employees together. Therefore, a survey tool can help you find ways to enhance this bind.

2. Improves Customer Experience

If your staff members are happy with your business and company, your customers will be too. This is because positive organizational culture is reflected in all business areas from your services and products to customer service and experience. But, building outstanding company culture doesn't happen in a day.

So, you can use online survey software to ask your staff members questions to understand company culture and identify what they think about it. The survey software will inform you whether or not your staff members relate to your company culture and if there are any improvements you can make to make the organization a better workplace.

3. Improves Work Performance

Organizational culture staff questionnaires benefit your company if you care enough about growing your business and keeping your workers motivated and productive. Exceptional company culture will lead to more motivated and productive workers, thereby improving work performance overall.

4. Identifies Strengths and Weaknesses

An organizational culture survey will identify areas of cultural weakness and strength. It will troubleshoot various internal friction points.

5. Retain Quality Talent

Company culture surveys will help you measure the improvement of company culture over time, create a culture that attracts and retains quality talent, and strengthen the performance of your business.

6. Creates Employee Culture

If you're looking to enhance employee and company culture, some example questions you might want to include on your survey tool are:

• Do you feel respected while at work? If not, why?
• Are you happy with the organizational culture? If not, why?
• What can we do to make the workplace better and enhance company culture?
• Would you recommend others to come to work here?

7. Obtain Essential Feedback

Obtain real-time feedback to help expedite required change. As your workers take your organizational culture survey, you can map out their responses and use the information to show you areas that align with your company goals and those that aren't in harmony with four key drivers, which are involvement, mission, consistency, and adaptability. This information will offer you a foundation from which you can measure improvement for the future.

Today’s work environment is different than in any other time in history. The pandemic may have influenced your employees' perceptions and beliefs about your organization's culture. Because company culture can impact practically every aspect of a successful business, conduct your organizational culture survey now to ensure your company’s culture drives its success.

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