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Seven payoffs of implementing an employee self-assessment survey

Posted on 5/21/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Self-assessments are an excellent way to prod employees to really look at themselves objectively and rate their own performance and contributions to the business as a whole. Using online survey software to conduct the self-assessment survey provides an easy opportunity to distribute these assessments throughout the company. The payoffs of these assessments are much bigger than most business owners realize.

1) Demystifies the performance appraisal process for the employee.

Allowing employees to complete the exact survey you'll use to assess their performance takes the mystery out of the process. They'll understand the criteria they're being evaluated upon and it helps them feel better about the overall evaluation process.

2) Engage employees in the performance evaluation.

Providing employees with an active role in their performance evaluations keeps them engaged in the process. They're not just receiving your opinion of their performance. They're playing a part and given a voice in the total process.

3) Identify performance perception difference prior to appraisal meeting.

Using survey software for self-assessments of employees helps you recognize disconnects between your appraisal of an employee's performance in specific areas and the employee's perception of their performance before you meet with the employee to discuss performance.

Why does this matter? It prepares you to address the differences to find out if additional training or different instructions might help improve performance -- or if employees aren't aware of the value they bring to the business, it provides you an opportunity to compliment exceptional performance and motivate employees to continued excellence.

4) Bolsters open discussion for job performance improvements.

By providing employees with an opportunity to express themselves through the survey tool, you're giving them encouragement to participate in discussions about performance that can be highly productive. Top-down evaluations often discourage employees from participating in the conversation and leave management goals unmet along with frustrated employees who feel like their thoughts and ideas are unimportant.

5) Promotes trust and respect between employee and supervisor.

Employees who feel they can approach their managers or employers and discuss issues that may impact their performance are more likely to do so. More importantly, it earns the respect and loyalty of employees and motivates them to work harder for the good of the organization.

While some business owners might feel that is a tall order for online survey software, the fact remains that employees who feel valued and respected by their employers return that respect by working harder to help the business succeed. The survey tool, by itself, doesn't accomplish this. Using the survey software for self-assessments and to create transparency in the review process does.

6) Decreases employee turnover and increases employee retention.

Once again, it comes down to fostering employee loyalty. Loyal employees who have high job satisfaction aren't looking for reasons to leave. This makes turnovers less frequent in your organization.

7) Builds a stronger workforce overall.

When you and your employees are on the same page about what the expectations are, everyone can focus energy on accomplishing the goals of the business. Self-assessments followed with performance evaluations and frank discussions about the results put you all on the same page -- where great things can happen for your business.
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