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Seven competitive advantages of mobile device market research surveys

Posted on 8/2/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Nowadays, virtually everyone owns a mobile phone or tablet. Similarly to our wallets or purses, these have become an integral part of our lives. Mobile devices ensure you’re always in touch with technology wherever you are. Mobiles and tablets have opened up a huge new area of possibilities in terms of business. You can carry out your market research with ease by rolling out mobile device market research surveys to your customers as they’re on-the-go.

Mobile technology is crucial to today’s market research in order to gain a competitive edge for the following seven reasons:

Accuracy. When you use online survey software, achieving insight into people’s lives is easy. You can gather little pieces of data in increments. Thus, giving you an enhanced understanding of customer reactions. You then have an improved prediction of tastes and behaviors.

Personal. Mobile devices enable consumers to create their own images and content as they go about their lives. You can also gather geolocation data that allows you to know where your target customers are at any given time.

Communication. Landline use is declining. Many people use their mobile phones as their sole mode of communication. You can reach more people with a mobile survey as their devices are always with them, in their hand or pocket. We’ve now crossed the threshold were most households in the US no longer have a landline. In fact, according to the US Health Department, nearly 51 percent of American households now use wireless technology as their phone service.

Convenience. Consumers can answer surveys from anywhere. You’re always able to touch base with them no matter their location. Mobile marketing is succinct. Customers can click yes or no or type a short sentence to answer your questions. It’s simple. Simple methods work best for busy consumers.

Ease of use. Answering a long drawn-out survey isn’t high on most people’s agendas. Survey software is quick and easy to use. They’re also more engaging than traditional paper or phone surveys. Therefore, participation rates are improved.

Speed. Mobile surveys are fast and efficient. You have the benefit of instantaneous results and a shorter wait time. A mobile market research survey tool is second to none when you need immediate consumer reactions. Answers are given in real time leaving little room for degradation of memory.

Straightforward. Mobile surveys allow for the collection of real-time data. Participants can use their devices to capture videos and images that enable you to clearly gain the information you need.

To conclude, mobile research is the modern and arguably best way to get in touch with your customer base whether they reside in your own city or state, or thousands of miles from your headquarters. Taking the time to create a mobile survey using online survey software is the smart way of collating the information your company needs.
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