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Security survey - how secure is your Small Business Workplace

Posted on 12/18/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
A security survey is an instrumental tool for assessing risks businesses face as well as for creating effective strategies for minimizing and/or eliminating those risks. These assessments, however, are only effective if businesses conduct them regularly. This is where online survey software becomes so important for small businesses that are interested in determining strengths and weaknesses in their current and future security protocols.

Importance of Conducting a Security Survey

It's always wise for businesses to understand its security strengths and weaknesses, and the eyes and ears of employees can be especially helpful. Sometimes, for instance, there's security overkill. Measures and protocols that look great on paper and in theory, but that actually slow the flow of work when put into practice. Managers may not understand how it hampers the workflow. Unfortunately, employees aren't always eager to put their necks out to point these things out.

Anonymous online survey software, though, leaves employees free to inform you about areas where there's too much security, as well as areas where they feel security isn't sufficient without fears of repercussions from management.

Why Conduct a Security Survey?

Money is tight for many businesses. The recession of the past few years coupled with inflation and rising costs makes many small business owners reluctant to make large security investments without definitive proof they are necessary.

Unfortunately, security risks are more problematic and expanding into new areas, including cyber security. For these reasons, security itself is also more critical than ever before. Using online survey software, small business owners can identify security needs in order to adequately address them.

What Can You Learn from Using an Online Survey Tool?

There are so many things business owners can learn from judicious use of an important survey tool such as a security survey The two primary pieces of information small businesses use this software to glean are whether or not their current security protocols are sufficient and whether or not they are cost-effective.

That's only part of the benefits, though, because it can also tell business owners many more important details about security including how secure employees feel while at work. This is important for small business owners that rely so heavily upon the people they employ to represent their business or brand to customers. You want your employees to feel safe at work, while entering the property in the morning (or at the beginning of their shifts), and when leaving the property at the end of their workdays.

You also need to understand if, and when, security measures are delaying work progress for employees. Unless you're dealing with potentially harmful items and/or information, you need your employees to have necessary access to the tools they need to carry out their jobs. Survey software, programmed with the right questions, can help you learn all these things and more.

What's the takeaway?

A security survey may mean so much more to your business than you originally believe it has to offer. The more regularly you conduct these surveys, the more revealing and effective they tend to be. More importantly, these surveys help give you a "big picture" image of what's going on, security-wise, in your small business than you'll ever get from taking the direct approach and asking employees themselves. Security needs of businesses are evolving quickly. The only way to keep your business and employees safe is to evolve along with these needs. A regular security survey allows you to do just that.

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