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School surveys using survey software are a lesson plan for success

Posted on 7/11/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
School surveys are implemented to help education administration measure and evaluate feedback, opinions and beliefs of not only students, but parents, graduates, employees and instructors. The goal of a school survey, which is best designed through online survey software, is ultimately to improve the quality of education provided by an institution. This can be through a better curriculum, improved student recruiting, increased student retention rates, and better communication between teachers and students and parents, to name just a few areas. Used as a survey tool, school surveys can be used throughout the entire school cycle, from preschool to grade school to high school to college to grad school -- and everywhere in between.

One type of school survey is the parent satisfaction survey. Giving a voice to parents, this survey tool can cover areas such as student safety, faculty/parent communication and of course quality of education. This type of survey can be a convenient and quick way to gather parent's feedback, particularly when implemented as an online survey. It's an especially useful tool to use when school administrators are contemplating a widespread, invasive change and want to obtain parents thoughts -- or blessings -- prior to making the change.

Another key school survey is the instructor evaluation survey. Any successful educational institution depends on the quality of its teachers, and a multi-dimensional teacher evaluation survey is a critical survey tool that identifies a teachers strengths, in addition to areas where the instructor could improve his teaching methods and results. Areas here that can be evaluated include course design, student and teacher interaction, student motivation, teaching instruction techniques, classroom coursework and more. Similarly, a course evaluation survey targeted to students helps teachers and college administers gauge the reception and effectiveness of individual coursework curriculum.

Other related areas of prime importance relate to where best to spend school district expansion funds. What are the areas that students, instructors or parents would like to see additional funds go. A new gym? How about more technology? Is parking at the school tight? Would more programs funded for extracurricular activities improve student satisfaction? Are student support services and counseling opportunities lacking?

Keep in mind, the most user-friendly and practical way to administer a school survey is via a survey built with online survey software. Today, parents, students and educators are connected 24/7, so using a web-based platform is the most convenient and cost-effective means of implementation. In addition, online surveys can be anonymous, which helps to increase response rates.

Whether it is extracurricular programs, academics or technology, an online survey aimed at students, parents or teachers helps to gauge satisfaction levels, identify improvement areas, improve overall quality of education the institution offers. Just like a chalkboard is used as a tool to help students learn, school surveys are a survey tool to help school leaders learn how to improve the quality of education they provide.

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