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School surveys provide valuable feedback for continuous improvement

Posted on 5/2/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
School surveys are designed to help education leaders monitor and measure opinions of students, graduates, parents, employees, instructors, and employers to continuously improve the quality of education provided, student retention and recruiting, and coursework satisfaction. A school survey, administered through an online survey software is easy to implement, with the results presented in an understandable format. As a survey tool, a school survey can be used from preschool to college to employment to improve program satisfaction through a number of types of education surveys.

A parent satisfaction school survey gives a voice to parents. When administered as an online survey, it’s a quick and convenient way to collect parent's opinions as they relate to their student's schooling. Example areas that can be covered with survey software include student safety, quality of instruction, and faculty/staff communication. If new initiative or changes are being proposed, parent's opinions are of utmost importance to ensure that they are "on board".

With the rise of modern technology and social media, a school's reputation, whether positive or negative, can spread like wildfire. A student opinion survey can monitor overall student educational satisfaction to correct any problems before they hit the social media front. Areas such as instructors, enrollment process, grading, curriculum, facilities, equipment, technology, resources, student life, and distance learning all can be examined to see what is working and what isn't. Student responses can be analyzed to make changes in student retention and recruiting marketing efforts. A new student online survey can target recently enrolled students to gauge their feelings on initial school impressions and expectations.

Instructor evaluation surveys are a critical feedback tool for any educational institution that desires to be successful. An in-depth, timely, and well-designed instructor evaluation online survey identifies areas of teacher strengths and areas that need improvement. The results of this survey tool help school administrators evaluate instructor performance, and more importantly, improve it for increased student satisfaction. By obtaining opinions on classroom activity, student and teacher interaction, coursework, course design, student motivation, and instructor teaching techniques, this multi-dimensional survey provides valuable insight into what goes on inside the classroom.

A graduate survey targets alumni to assess the graduate's perceived employability and workforce readiness. With a rapidly changing world, including the modern technological era, education leaders can get a better understanding of changing needs and adjust accordingly. Survey software results provide insight into the expectations of graduating students and employers who hire them.

A related and equally important school survey is the employer satisfaction of graduates’ survey. This survey can be administered as an online survey to assess how well graduates of a high school or college are performing on the job. Through this survey tool, schools gain insightful feedback on the preparedness of the graduate, knowledge, attitude and ability to work with others, which help schools improve their career services and placement rates.

Whether your school survey needs are parent satisfaction, student opinion, instructor evaluation, graduate, or employer satisfaction of graduates’ survey, school surveys provide a chalkboard for diagnosis and a lesson plan for improvement.

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