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Revitalizing your workforce through a job satisfaction survey

Posted on 6/7/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Have you ever noticed that some people seem to love their jobs and sail through the working week inspired and energetic, whereas others despise going to work? Happy workers are productive ones. People who’re miserable (or even just plain bored) in their jobs tend to be less effective. So, if your workforce seems to be feeling unhappy, what can you do to find out what’s wrong?

A job satisfaction survey is crucial to measuring staff morale. It measures the following:

Positive Working Environment

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of job satisfaction is a positive working environment. You need to provide for the needs of your workers and ensure you go above and beyond the call of duty so they do the same. Staff morale is negatively affected when they view their working environment in a negative light. Try employing perks, like employee discount programs or flexible work hours. Workers who work in positive and nurturing environments are far more likely to be motivated and loyal.

Employee Engagement

Yes, your staff show up for work, but are they productive and engaged? Employee engagement is heightened when they feel part of a company. Ask them via survey software for their suggestions and ideas to help your business move forward. This provides them with a sense of pride and ownership in their work.

Recognition and Rewards

Personally recognizing your staff builds motivation and morale. Simply thanking them for a job well done or awarding your most hard-working staff with a bonus works wonders.

Potential and Skills

By educating and training your workforce, they become more innovative and productive. The right training is a key factor in any job. Your workers feel far more confident and capable when they know exactly what they're doing and understand your expectations of them.

Continuous learning and self-improvement are necessary for people to feel in control of their jobs. Consequently, they require less supervision, freeing up management for other tasks. When your employees know all about your business, they can better answer customer inquiries, building improved customer loyalty. Workers with an understanding of the business feel more motivated, satisfied and complain less. This, in turn, leads to improved employee-management relations.

Generally speaking, to keep an eye on the morale and feelings of your workforce, it’s advisable to roll out an employee satisfaction survey via online survey software once a year. Using a survey tool to provide a job satisfaction survey to your workers makes them feel that they’re valued. When they’re engaged with their jobs and with your company, they’ll perform far better.
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