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Reasons why you should create your own survey for your company

Posted on 2/8/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
You might be perfectly happy with your company and sales, but have you ever stopped to think about what your customers would say about your products and services? Your customers are arguably the most invaluable source of any information. They can highlight what’s working for your business, as well as what doesn’t.

There are various ways to get customer feedback. For example, via a comments section on your site, through social media, emails, online reviews, testimonials, referrals, and more. However, the easiest and most direct way to gauge customer engagement is to create your own survey for your company. Let’s look at why customer surveys are crucial to the good functioning of your business.

Buying Habits

Asking customers where they like to shop gives you a snapshot of the key businesses your customers go to. Using this data, you can utilize improved product placement as well as tweak your upcoming marketing strategies. This helps you gain sales across specific channels, based on data.


By asking questions such as, “Would you recommend us to a friend?” you can easily ascertain your customers’ opinions of your business and services. Using a 1-10 scale, you can pinpoint your most loyal customers, as well as see who doesn’t rate your business highly — and perhaps more importantly, why. You can then use this information to delve deeper into people's’ views and opinions, finding out what you’re doing right and where you’re going wrong.


Your customer survey tool can also be used to find out where your customers first heard of your company. This is invaluable information as it enables you to highlight your most important business channels that are funneling in new customers. This then helps you direct more resources to where your brand is both visible and invisible.

Market Research

Rather than employing expensive market research firms to gain feedback from your customers, surveys cut out the middleman. Whenever you have a new idea for your firm, use your survey software to run it past your client and customer base first to see if they perceive it as a usable and workable idea. This could potentially save a fortune for your company while making your customers feel you’re listening to their opinions.

Lapsed Customers

If you’re finding you’ve lost customers along the way, sending out a survey can allow you to find out why. By identifying what went wrong and taking notice of what would win those people back, again, you’re seen as a listening company who cares about your customers.

Company surveys are an essential tool for all modern businesses. Using survey software to create a dialog between your business and your client base is key to creating and maintaining customer loyalty and engagement.
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