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Reasons a needs assessment survey is valuable to your organization

Posted on 3/14/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

A needs assessment is where you use online survey software to collect information about an implied or expressed organizational need you could meet by conducting training. This need could be a desire to correct a deficiency or improve current performance.

All organizations wanting to grow, need to conduct a routine needs assessment survey. As far as a survey tool goes, these surveys assist you in directing your business's growth, recognizing gaps in service, addressing issues as they arise, aiding performance deficiencies and helping under-served markets. They're imperative for companies today, particularly those with a big focus on the future.

Survey software is a valuable tool you can use to help determine a number of things, including:

- Community needs
- Business growth needs
- Training needs
- Community outreach needs
- Technology needs
- Research and development needs
- Product improvement needs
- Stages in the Needs Assessment Survey Process
- Conducting needs assessment surveys go through a series of stages which include:
- Exploration and Identification

In this first stage of your needs assessment, you'll need to figure out what you're already aware of in terms of your business's needs, whether it's new technologies, additional resources, or market expansion.

It's about determining where you are at this point and where you wish to be. You'll need to identify any undisclosed needs that could be stopping you from moving to where you wish to be. You should rank these needs in their order of importance to set the stage of your research or basically determine the needs you're going to focus on.

Data Collection and Analysis

During this stage, you'll be gathering the information you will require to get a better understanding of the gaps between where your business is at this point and where you want to be. Information can be gathered from external market research methods like surveys or analyzing secondary data like, for example, statistical federal government collected data from internal company records. After you've gathered up the information, you'll organize it and analyze it.


This is where the information you analyze helps you come up with an action plan and implement it. You'll:

- Evaluate solutions
- Set priorities
- Apply a cost-benefit analysis for determining the best solution in terms of the relative expenses and benefits of each
- Come up with a plan to implement the solution you came up with
- Allocate the necessary resources for implementation


Although many companies won't evaluate the needs assessment results, smart businesses do. You'll go over the results of the plan of action against the results and determine if your action plan has put you any closer to where you're looking to be. For instance, did you skip an essential gap or were your allocated resources not sufficient enough to close the gap?

Using online survey software is the easiest way of making surveys work for you. You can keep a record of any past surveys so you can track trends and see where you've gained ground or lost on recurring problems.

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