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Reaching millennial respondents through a cell phone survey

Posted on 3/15/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
When we speak about “millennials”, the term encompasses anyone born between the early ’80s and early ‘00s. These are individuals in the coveted 18 to 34 years old demographic that are so prized by advertisers. Even though this vast group is seen as one generation, each individual has their own interests, personalities, unique values, behaviors and experiences.

The one major aspect that brings millennials of all ages together is that they’re the first generation to grow up in a technology-driven world. They’re comfortable with an interactive experience. This is perhaps why this generation responds so well to a cell phone survey.

Mobile phones are arguably the device of choice for millennials. In fact, they’re almost like extensions of themselves. This is a generation that tends to keep their entire lives within their mobile phones. Just look at any millennial and their cell phone won’t be far away.

A recent report from Social Media Week, said that Millennials check their phone more than 150 times per day. This is in comparison to the average adult who checks their phone 50 times per day.

Because of their active cell phone use, perhaps the best way to reach millennial respondents is through a cell phone survey. The reasons why include:

Higher response rates. When you deliver a mobile survey to this age group, it’s likely that they’ll open up the survey — and respond. Millennials have grown up with mobile phone technology at their fingertips, therefore, they feel entirely comfortable using online survey software. In fact, due to their social media use, you can even ask survey respondents to tweet, post or share the survey with their professional or social networks to engage more survey respondents.

Greater customer engagement. Using interactive technology, such as a survey tool and mobile polling, adds an interactive element of fun to the customer experience. Get your customers’ opinions on which aspects of your business could be better. Encourage them to send in their ideas and post the results on your social media. Reward respondents with incentives and run competitions. Through creating a fun, regular promotion, you can boost customer engagement, loyalty and interaction.

Real-time feedback. Through sending out a mobile survey you can get real-time customer feedback. This helps you to figure out what’s working and what isn’t with your marketing efforts and products and services as well.

Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Sending out a customer satisfaction cell phone survey to your millennial customers or, even better, handing them your mobile device and inviting them to comment on their experience before leaving your business establishment is a positive move. If the customer doesn’t have the time, let them know they have the option to take the survey on their mobile device later.

To engage influential millennials, as well as the generations coming up behind them, it’s crucial to make the most of technology. Cell phone survey software does just that.
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