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Product surveys using online survey software can provide innovation to your product line

Posted on 11/14/2012 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Whether you're prototyping a new product or tweaking an existing one, don't make the mistake of thinking you know what your target customers want. Today, it is easier than ever to ask customers what they're thinking, and many will be happy to oblige. So, how do you go about doing this? The answer is through a product survey.

Product surveys can focus in on product design, product selection, product placement, product marketing, or all of these areas and more. Use insights and feedback gained from this important survey tool to: 

* Obtain insight about your products currently in the marketplace 
* Gain understanding on how to improve your products 
* Measure customer awareness and usage over a period of time 
* Learn how satisfied your customers are with your products 
* Bounce new product ideas or product tweaks off a select targeted group of customers 
* Learn about what may be missing in your current product line 
* Gain insight on brand awareness, perceived brand quality, brand competitiveness, and brand loyalty 
* Gather a competitive analysis 
* Re-brand your product or company 
* Feel out how new pricing options go over before implementation

Market experts say it's critical to know who your customers are, why they make a purchase from you, and perhaps more importantly, what stops them from purchasing from you rather than your competition. This doesn't necessarily mean that you need to know each and every customer individually. Instead, it's important to develop customer profiles. In marketing speak, this translates to "market segmentation". In other words, it's important to understand how various segments of your target customers think and feel about your products. Today's competitive marketplace demands that companies, large and small, listen to the voices of its target customers.

Product surveys can be a wonderful survey tool to provide innovation to your product line. More often than thought, it is the customer who is the driver of innovation, the source of a new product idea, or improvement in an existing one. Particularly in certain industries, like the rapidly changing high-tech industry, product surveys in the form on concept testing helps a company minimize risk when considering entering a new product into the market. The right product survey can play a factor in the success or failure of a product, so product research should never be taken for granted.

When implemented as an online survey and designed with online survey software, launching a product survey is easier and more quick than ever before. Whether you desire your product survey to be hosted on your own servers or on the cloud, an advanced web survey software application enables you to create effective product surveys from the simplest form to more complex questionnaire logic. Using online survey software, your organization's logo can be integrated seamlessly into your product survey, providing even more visibility and branding opportunity. While focus groups and product testers can play a part, there isn't a faster and more effective way to gain product insight than through a web-based survey tool built with sophisticated survey software.

From product development to product growth to product maturity to product saturation and decline, product surveys can be used beneficially throughout every stage in a product's life cycle. So, regardless of your product's stage, make sure you utilize a product survey tool.

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