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Product surveys conducted via an online survey tool insure a more successful product launch

Posted on 4/19/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
You're probably more than aware of just how popular the iPad and iPhone from Apple is. With the latest versions being pre-ordered, selling out around the world, and being back-ordered, Apple Inc. is clearly doing something right -- or many things. The question becomes: how did they know that adding a front facing camera, a smart cover, flash and a one third thinner device were all needed? The answer: by using a product survey tool. When it boils down to product development and product sales, knowing what your customers want -- and need -- is half the battle. By using an online survey for product development, you can get a better idea of which features should be added, changed, or altogether abandoned. A product survey can help to tell you what features are most important to consumers and ones that they will consider worth waiting for.

As is often the case, before launching a new product or developing a new product concept, marketing professionals use survey software to test with a target audience various aspects of the new product concept or idea. A new product survey is a survey tool that help marketers understand how to modify existing ideas or create new ones. Further, evaluating new products through an online survey is a cost-effective method to obtain crucial information from the people who will be buying the product or service, the customer.

Some insight that businesses can take advantage of from conducting an online survey for a new product launch includes identifying customer needs and learning which features (and benefits) are most important in the customer's eyes. Even areas such as warranties and bundling prices and packages can be assessed through online survey software. Questions such as "what features could you live without" and "what features could you not live without" can be real eye openers and helpful, especially during the preliminary product development phase.

If the new product launch is simply going to be an upgrade to an older version, it's critical that you find out which features that the customer loved in the older version through your survey tool. Asking the simple question: "what did you like best about version one of the products" will let you know which features shouldn't be eliminated, especially if the online survey indicates an overwhelming majority.

Another important area of product development is price point. Asking "what is the most that you would pay" for a new product or service will help you to better understand potential customer price range, allowing you to add, delete, or modify features to fall within the desired price range.

Finally, it's prudent to have an open-ended section when utilizing survey software for developing a product survey to allow survey respondents to convey their ideas, wish list, or complaints. Sometimes, customer feedback can trigger an even more innovative idea that can propel your product (or service) to even higher heights.

Whether in the beginning stages of a product design or when you are nearing your product launch, a product survey, conducted via an online survey tool, can provide you with a wealth of information for a more successful product launch.

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