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Post event evaluation online surveys are a crucial tool in the overall event planning process

Posted on 1/26/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Planning an event can be filled with frenzy and laced with stress. With all the "dotting of i's" and "crossing of t's" necessary to pull off a successful event, knowing how well your event was perceived by attendees can often be overlooked. However, keep in mind that post event evaluation is an all-important and crucial step in the overall event planning process.

Conducting an event evaluation online survey can help you to understand if some aspect of the event didn't quite live up to either your or your attendees expectations. The post event evaluation survey tool can diagnose the areas that didn't meet expectations, so you don't allow them to happen again. An event evaluation survey can also tell you what parts of the event were perceived well -- so that you can be sure to repeat them on your next event.

The purpose of a post event online survey is to gain insight into the perceptions and opinions of how the attendees perceived the success of the event. It's important to gather attendee’s feedback while it’s still fresh in their minds, so plan on conducting your post event evaluation survey soon after the event ends. Using survey software to administer an online survey for post event evaluation is a fast and cost effective method to obtain this insight quickly. With an online post evaluation survey, attendees can respond soon after they get back from the event. Further, by developing a post event evaluation survey tool online, you can customize and personalize questions depending on the event.

When utilizing survey software to construct your post event evaluation online survey, it's important that your survey be comprehensive. Including questions from the event's start to finish will ensure that you covered the full spectrum of the event. For example, you'll want to include questions that pertain to the ease of event registration to how likely the attendee is going to attend the next event. Questions such as "How useful was the information" and "How effective was the meeting format" help you obtain important insights into the success of the event. Learning what the attendees expected from the event and whether their expectations were met can help you in the next event's planning process. In addition to these bigger event topics, you'll want to drill down to the nitty gritty details as well. Asking questions about guest speakers, networking opportunities, panel discussions, and the all-important refreshment quality, will help you decide what should be repeated or eliminated.

Anyone that has planned an event or attended an event will tell you that there is always room for improvement. When you receive your results from your post event evaluation online survey, be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even if 95% of your attendees provided high ratings and glowing comments, you'll still need to find out why the other 5% didn't feel the same way. That's where an survey software comes in. It can help you and your event planning staff plan a better-than-last event.
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