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Political surveys - An indispensable constituent of the political landscape

Posted on 7/4/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Political surveys are the most common survey tool used during an election year to gauge how people plan to vote, especially for the President of the United States, and other federal, state and local government positions. However, political surveys are also used in other areas, such as in elections for school board officials. They can even be used to help a political candidate decide if it behooves him to run for office. From elections of homeowners' association boards to elections of Parent Teachers Association (PTA) officials, online surveys offer an efficient method to gauge the political environment surrounding these events.

Political surveys are quite different than market research surveys. While a market research survey explores people's opinions about products and services, companies, and the buying patterns of consumers, a political survey focuses on public policy issues and how the public is likely to vote in political campaigns.

When developed with online survey software and conducted prior to an election, a political survey can help campaign planners obtain a picture of where their candidate stands in voting in order to strategize their political campaign to garner the most votes. Then, when administered periodically throughout the campaign, the political survey can be used as a survey tool to adjust the campaign for slide backs in voting. 

Benefits of Political Surveys 

From getting reaction to speeches to identify campaign supporters, political surveys are useful on a number of fronts. 

Reaction to speeches. Countless speeches are the name of the game when it comes to politicians during election time. In order to identify components of the speech that are making a favorable impression on the public -- and those that are not, a political surveycan help identify these.

Identify campaign supporters. Whether a politician is in need of votes or the almighty donor dollar, political surveys can help identify supporters in order to laser-focus your campaign. It can help identify which messages are the strongest with supporters, and pinpoint candidate strengths and weaknesses.

Assess rally successfulness. Just as speeches go hand-and-hand with political campaigns, so do rallies. A political survey conducted prior to a rally can help identify the hot-button issues that are likely to resonate -- and fire up -- rally attendees. On the flip side, when administered subsequent to the event, this post-event survey tool provides feedback on how well the rally was carried out.

Learn about hot button issues. In any given campaign, there are hot button issues that can strengthen a supporters backing or cause a supporter to cross over to the other side. Using online survey software to develop open-ended questions is helpful to dive deep into the issues that are likely to sway the public one way or the other.

All-in-all, political surveys are an invaluable and must-have survey tool in the political landscape that campaign planners use to build the case for their respective candidate to hopefully win the most votes come election time.

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