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Patient satisfaction surveys provide insight into your perceived healthcare quality and delivery

Posted on 2/16/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Healthcare is changing -- a transformation is taking place. Medical care seems to be moving to a consumers' market away from a sellers' market. Satisfaction of the patient’s essential needs is becoming an important part of the definition of the quality of healthcare. One result of this is a more competitive environment in the healthcare marketplace. Further, with the rising costs of healthcare and more healthcare providers practicing greater control over their budgets, the need for assessing quality is essential. More than ever, healthcare providers need to be keenly aware of how their patients think and feel about their services. A patient satisfaction survey is an effective survey tool to meet this need.

A patient satisfaction survey is a brief survey, often developed using survey software, to enable the health care provider gain insight into their patients' views and satisfactions with the medical services they provide. Patient satisfaction surveys are easily administered, especially when done through an online survey software. The patient satisfaction online survey can be designed based on various demographic and socioeconomic factors, such as sex, age, social class, education and so forth.

This survey tool doesn't have to be limited to the doctor-patient relationship. Quality of healthcare begins when the patient calls the office to schedule an appointment and doesn't end until the patient checks out. Therefore, a patient satisfaction survey should encompass all questions from start to finish. Survey software for patient satisfaction surveys can highlight areas, such as:

* Pleasantness of telephone staff
* Waiting room times
* Cleanliness of waiting room
* Thoroughness of exam
* Physician communication
* Physician assistant interaction
* Billing ease
* Office/physician referrals

Today, practically everyone is scrutinizing the quality and cost of healthcare, including patients, insurers, employees, and even the President of the United States. A patient satisfaction survey is more than a critical component in monitoring the quality of healthcare services, it can help healthcare clinics and hospitals gain more patients and retain current patients. Health care clinics know they have to cut their costs, but, at the same time, keep the quality of healthcare up. This is a difficult challenge; however, utilizing a patient satisfaction survey tool is one step in the right direction.

Patient satisfaction surveys are a valuable survey tool that healthcare providers can utilize to identify problem areas that need improvement. Patient satisfaction online surveys provide critical information on patient expectations and how they perceive the quality of medical care. By extracting sound, concrete information through this survey tool, health care providers can have a better assessment of how the entire organization is doing in providing care, all from the patients' perspective. More importantly, this survey tool can help the healthcare provider develop strategies for improvement.

In today's rising healthcare cost environment and competitive medical field, the patient satisfaction survey tool is vital to the future of healthcare. By being proactive with providing quality care, health care providers will demonstrate to patients, and the community at large, their dedication to providing high quality medical care, despite rising costs and a changing environment.
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