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Nutrition surveys are tools used to improve health and the possibility of disease-free living

Posted on 2/28/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Growing understanding of the importance of nutrition to overall health by medical professionals, governmental agencies, and society at large has given rise to increased attention being placed on not only nutrition education, but also nutrition assessment. Specific nutrition assessment of dietary health conducted through online survey software can help patients suffering from medical conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, and obesity through nutritional counseling based on survey tool results.

In a nutshell, a nutrition assessment analyzes food habits, either on an individual level or collectively as a group. Generally speaking, a nutritional assessment is implemented through a nutrition survey. This can involve dietary recall, food type frequency, and even a food log in which a respondent provides his or her answers on a nutrition questionnaire.

Online nutrition surveys are often conducted by dieticians, nutrition counselors, and even weight loss specialists. These specialists aim to help people to eat more healthy, lose weight, gain weight, achieve their fitness goals, or better manage a medical condition, whether transient or permanent. In some cases, a nutritional assessments is done to help a patient relieve digestive problems, cope with food allergies, or combat a nutrient deficiency.

For society as a whole, research organizations and governmental agencies utilize nutrition surveys to collect information about consumers' view on nutrition and food eating habits. Nutrition monitoring in the United States, and around the globe, for that matter is a complex system, which involves regularly collecting dietary nutritional information, eating habits, food choice decisions, and health status of many people. The information gathered from such a nutrition survey tool is used for multiple reasons, including aiding medical research.

In terms of specific medical conditions, nutrition assessment is an important part of a treatment plan. For example, cancer, along with its treatment, can play havoc on a person's appetite, making getting the right nutrition more challenging. Cancer treatment can impact not only how the body tolerates certain foods, but how nutrients are used. Therefore, eating the right kinds of foods during and after cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy can help to a patient feel better, minimize side effects, and remain stronger.

Certain digestive conditions, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohns Disease can be made worse by eating certain foods, and by managing what a patient eats, individuals with these types of disease can minimize their symptoms. Diabetes is another condition that is highly affected by the foods the diabetic eats. By completing a nutrition survey, physician and nutritional counselors of diabetics can help patients change and improve their eating habits to help keep their diabetes in better control. Food eating questionnaires and nutrition surveys are common tools used in managing a diabetic's disease.

Nutrition questionnaires developed through survey software can be available to the masses, which makes them a highly sought after survey tool used for the foundation of health and disease-free living for both individuals and the society as a whole.

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