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Novi Survey version 7.0 released

Posted on 4/23/2015 by Novi Systems in category: survey software news
New features included in this release include:
  • Questions and visual elements can be shown or hidden on the fly based on conditions for questions, parameters, and respondents
  • The raw invitation URL can be added to invitation emails through tag '[SurveyUrl]'
  • Values for masked fields can be validated against the masks (e.g., phone numbers missing digits will produce a validation error)
  • Columns in matrix segments that accept a typed input (i.e., text or number) can have a default value
  • Descriptive statistics tables in reports include the number of answers for each report variable
  • Bad status for email addresses can be cleared from the invitation details popup in the invitation report
  • Generation pipes can be reviewed from the survey page list screen
  • Automatic and unwanted data type conversions performed by excel for exported survey responses are suppressed
  • User authentication is based on the SHA-256 hashing algorithm
  • Dependencies on availability of SSL 3.0 are removed (mitigation of SSL PoodleBleed vulnerability)
  • Protection against CSRF attacks is enhanced
  • Updates to invitation NDR processing rules
  • Upgrade of 3rd party libraries

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