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Novi Survey version 5.5 released

Posted on 3/14/2012 by Novi Systems in category: survey software news
New features and fixes included in this release include:

- Support for PDF generation options (margin, header, footer, scaling, page size, page orientation) for reports
- Support for setting the color of matrix header rows
- Support for displaying the organization logo in the login page when login in to take a survey
- Support for fine level control of score display in completion page and in single response reports
- Support for branding of user registration and user profile pages for surveys that require login
- Support for embedding survey deployment URLs in Microsoft office applications
- Support for highlighting of HTML markup and substitution tokens in translation files
- Support for access to network resources in scripts
- Added section response times to the tabular export and to the response detail screen
- Support for showing sum of rows and columns in reals time for matrix segment of numbers
- Added sorting option for scores in single response reports
- Added header information hiding option when itemizing responses in reports
- Support for setting the field width for open ended numeric questions
- Updates to NDR processing rules

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