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Nine employee satisfaction survey tips for best results

Posted on 10/19/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Employee satisfaction is simply how satisfied or content your employees are in their positions. You can use online survey software to measure employee satisfaction and inquire about things like workload, compensation, flexibility or perceptions of management to gage how content your employees are. Below are 9 employee satisfaction survey tips to follow for best results.

 1. Assure their anonymity. First and foremost, your staff has to know that their responses to your questions are completely confidential. This builds trust and they will be more open with their answers.

 2. Tell them the purpose of the survey. If employees understand where this data is leading to (better working environment for them), they may be more inclined to fill in your survey tool. Let them know why you want this information, what you plan on doing with it and what type of results they can expect.

 3. Provide multiple answer questions. Open-ended questions are fine and are a good way for employees to really beagle to put some thought into their answers. However, providing your employees with multiple choice questions make the information easier to quantify, collate and measure.

 4. Provide troubleshoot help and contact information. Today's technology world is filled with different browsers, devices and problems can happen. Ensure your employees have some type of assistance should your survey software stop working correctly.

 5. Question the scheduling system. Seek out recommendations for the scheduling system. For example, your elderly employees or single moms might require a more flexible work schedule.

 6. Ask about compensation and benefits. You are more likely to get higher employee satisfaction and productivity if your employees are happy with their compensation and benefits. It decreases productivity and employee morale when they feel they are being underpaid.

 7. Ask about their relationship with management. Having a good employee-manager relationship is essential in any type of business. When there is a good relationship between the two, employees benefit. You can ask for some suggestions in your employee satisfaction survey or what can be done to improve in this aspect.

 8. Check employee satisfaction often. This is not a “been there and done that” once endeavor. You need to take a regular pulse measurement of your employee satisfaction. If you wait too long before checks, you might miss something of high significance.

 9. Communicate your results. Don’t just ask your employees to provide their feedback and opinions and then they never hear from you again. Let them know that you value their opinions, and most importantly, that you listened to what they had to say. This is particularly effective if you implement actions or improvements based upon their feedback.

 These are some things you can add into your online survey software to get some valuable feedback from your employees. Remember, the goal here is to increase employee satisfaction so you can improve morale and productivity. When employees feel valued and know that they are being heard, it motivates them to do a good job.

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