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Nine benefits for conducting market research online surveys

Posted on 2/21/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Successful and savvy companies invest in market research online surveys because it provides them with concrete data to analyze before making important product, services, or organizational decisions.

This collected data can take the form of objective figures (how many times have you eaten at our restaurant this year) or subjective feedback (what menu item would you like to see added). Once hard data and opinions are collected, the responses are analyzed for trends to help the enterprise make informed decisions, whether it's adding a new product to its line, discontinuing a service, or tweaking it's customer service approach.

If designed optimally with survey software and conducted properly, the market research online survey tool offers substantial benefits over other formats such as snail mail surveys, phone surveys, or face-to-face surveys.

1) Professional development. Outsourcing of market research online surveys is growing in popularity for many reasons, including the access and availability of professional design and survey development. An online survey company provides the expertise and technology infrastructure, which makes it an attractive alternative to company-developed market research projects.

2) Global reach. Online market research surveys provide enterprises the opportunity to reach respondents far and wide. This is an especially important advantage for companies that have an online presence, whether they are selling products, services, or information.

3) Multiple target platforms. Online market research surveys can target business to consumers (B2C) or business to business (B2B).

4) Flexibility. Flexibility is a key feature of online market research surveys. For instance, the online survey can take the form of an email with an embedded survey, an email with a survey URL link where the respondent can provide his or her responses, and can be hosted by an online survey software firm.

5) Customization. Being able to tailor a market research survey to customer demographics and language preferences is another beneficial feature of choosing an online market research survey tool.

6) Speed. In the competitive environment businesses operate in today, speed is of the essence when gathering market research data. Online surveys speed up this gathering of information, and can be designed and administered in a rabbit's pace.

7) Cost effective. The internet, email, and the rise of mobile devices have made it not only faster to obtain market research data, but also more cost effective. It costs substantially less to obtain market research through online surveys than it does to make phone calls, conduct face-to-face interviews, or send out snail mail surveys.

8) Diversity of Questions. Thanks to survey software, market research online surveys can be designed with multiple types and logic of questions, including multiple-choice questions, single or multiple response, open-ended questions, multimedia questions, rating scales, dichotomous yes/no questions, and built-in advanced logic conditions.

9) Easy to Use. For busy market research professionals, online market research surveys save time. The information gathered is readily available and is easily converted to reports, graphs, and spreadsheets to make data analysis a breeze.

All-in-all, market research online surveys are more cost-effective, less time consuming, and enable market research professionals to view, analyze, and utilize data in multiple business applications to make the most informed business decisions possible.

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