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Must-have features in your company culture survey

Posted on 10/31/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

A company’s culture is defined as the character and personality that permeates throughout an organization determined by values and traditions. These days company culture is important for branding purposes and for the overall happiness of the employees. It’s a huge part of the success of the marketing efforts.

Company culture is rarely addressed until cultural failures result in a dysfunctional workplace that affects the morale of the organization and ultimately inhibit its success. Getting the “culture right” requires an assessment of your organization. The best way to get insight into your company’s culture is to see what the employees are saying, and doing so with a survey tool is the ideal way to carry it out.

Launch A Company Culture Survey

Use online survey software to launch a company culture survey. A company culture survey can help you find out what your staff values the most, whether you have a positive company culture and how they feel about the overall morale of they're the workplace. Culture surveys are essential because they can help business leaders identify what needs to change so that employee turnover can be decreased, to attract talented individuals that can contribute to the organization and for improved brand positioning. Company culture surveys should be conducted at least once or twice a year.

What Are the Features Of A Good Culture Survey

Take advantage of survey tools to create a quality company culture survey that asks questions that will ultimately provide business leaders with valuable insight. Survey software can be used to create surveys in various formats. The survey can be in the form of a Likert scale or you can ask open-ended questions that requires employees to provide detailed explanations.

Sample Questions for A Likert Scale Culture Survey

A Likert scale survey asks for users to rate the following statements on a scale of 1-5.

- This company presents opportunities for me to grow.
- There are abundant opportunities to learn new things.
- We have a positive organizational culture.
- Sample Open-Ended Culture Survey Questions

Open-ended questions survey questions are great because they allow your employees to express they're opinion and go into detail about how they feel about the company’s culture. Here are some important questions you can ask:

- Do I feel respected for the role I play in this organization?
- Can I trust management?
- Do I receive timely and useful feedback?
- Am I heard by my supervisor or manager?

When creating employee company culture survey, you can encourage your employees to be honest by making it clear that the answers they provide will be confidential and anonymous. Be sure to include clear directions before the survey begins. Closely examine what your employees are saying, analyze trends in responses, and find ways to improve the culture in your organization. In addition, keep in mind that conducting a company survey isn't a "one and done" event. You need to conduct your company culture survey periodically to keep an updated pulse.

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