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Multi lingual surveys break down language barriers

Posted on 12/28/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
In today's world with modern technology rapidly advancing, businesses are becoming more global at an increasing rate. Because of this, businesses need multi lingual surveys in order to collect feedback from employees, clients, customers, vendors, partners and distributors on a global level.

Accommodating Multiple Languages with your Multi Lingual Surveys

When surveys are covering multiple countries, researchers need their online survey software to accommodate multiple languages when asking their questions and receiving their answers. If you are targeting various ethnic groups in one country alone, this capability is also important. It should be easy for your respondents to choose their preferred language on your survey tool.

An important feature, your survey software should have to make the multiple language data analysis easy is being able to save answers in a specific variable when there's more than one question. If your survey tool has sections for both English and Spanish, it should allow you to save answers to specific questions in both versions under the same data location or variable regardless of the language section seen on the survey. This will allow you to create a chart or table that shows the combined answers to specific questions.

Now, adding in the proper questions to your multi lingual surveys is not the only crucial step; you need to be able to send the survey to your targeted audience. However, if your audience is broken down into various spoken languages, your online survey software should also be able to edit and support these languages as well.

You can send multiple language surveys in a couple ways. If you know your respondents' language ahead of time, you can send the survey to them in that language. If you don't, you can allow them to select their preferred language before they begin the survey.

Today, people are speaking several languages and they might prefer one particular language over another. Making your survey software simple for them to choose the language they are most comfortable with to express their opinions and thoughts is a huge benefit and can enable you to truly pinpoint the experiences of your respondents, keep the survey relevant and decrease the abandonment rate of your survey.

This capability should be a natural feature of your online survey software and in turn, should enhance customer satisfaction, relevancy and increase your bottom line which makes it a win-win for both your company as well as your respondents.
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