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Mobile survey best optimization strategies

Posted on 3/31/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Everyone seems to be using tablets or smartphones these days, all the time. In fact, over 40% of U.S. households don't have landline phones (only cell phones), according to Pew Research.

Mobile devices are our main source of information, contact, and social interaction. And this includes general consumers and business people as well.

Most people complete online surveys on their mobile devices, and this number is growing. So, for many businesses, if you're looking to have your respondents fill out your survey tool, you'll want to ensure they can do so on their mobile devices. Conducting marketing online survey software research on mobile devices doesn't just require various sampling techniques, but also various survey questions and optimization strategies.

Optimization Strategies for Your Mobile Surveys

Below are some of the best optimization strategies to incorporate into your survey software.

Keep it brief. It's always better to conduct shorter surveys. Consumers who use their mobile devices don't have a whole lot of patience for a time-consuming, long survey. Therefore, you'll want to limit how many questions you add to your survey as well as the number of words per question. Split your information into multiple surveys if you're not able to get it all into one survey.

Keep it vertical. Since you can't scroll vertically on a smartphone, instead of adding your responses in a row, add them in a column.

Maintain focused questions. Having to-the-point and short questions make respondents more likely to fill out and complete your entire survey.

• Select the types of questions that work better on smaller screens like drop-downs or star-ratings. This helps your users engage better and they'll be more inclined to respond to your future surveys.

• Reduce the need to scroll. You can do this by adding enough page breaks and breaking your bigger questions into more manageable sizes.

• Limit how many open response questions you add to your survey. It's not very fun having to answer open text questions on mobile devices.

• Limit your image use. This is especially true of larger images. Mobile devices might not display the whole image properly.

• Test your survey. This way you can catch any typos, errors and confirm you've programmed your skip logic properly in your survey software. Be sure you test your survey on a smartphone, tablet, and computer. When you experience your survey through mobile devices, you can see first-hand which pages and questions don't follow these points mentioned above.

The final thing you'll want to keep in mind that conducting a mobile survey isn’t just “one and done”. Be sure to utilize the feedback you receive and implement positive changes. Then, conduct another survey to check on how you fared with these improvements and if there are any new areas of concerns that need to be addressed.

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