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Mobile online surveys give you the power to reach on-the-go participants

Posted on 2/8/2012 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
If your company is using the phone or worse, postal mail, to conduct market research, it's time to dive into the technological advancement market research pool. While online surveys have been a popular feedback collecting survey tool for years now, the mobile survey is beginning to take off by leaps and bounds.

That's because we're becoming an ever increasing mobile society. It is rare these days to see someone without a smart phone -- and sooner it will most likely be even rarer to talk to someone who doesn't own some sort of tablet device.

A mobile survey tool makes great sense to add to your market research toolbox, especially now with the craze of technology. Everyone seems to want the latest gadget, whether it is an iPhone 4s, iPad, or Kindle Fire. Smart companies will use this increased consumer demand for technological devices to their benefit.

Mobile surveys provide the ultimate in convenience for consumers. These days, consumers don't go anywhere without their mobile phone or device, so you can reach consumers practically instantaneously and when they are on-the-go. 

Uses of a mobile survey

If your company is having a conference or holding a special event, what better way to see how things are going from the attendees standpoint than by getting real-time feedback while the attendee is at the conference or event? Another use for a mobile survey is to grab first impressions when customers first walk into your place of business. You can also obtain real-time feedback through a mobile survey tool from viewers viewing your ad. Yet, a fourth use of a mobile survey is to ask respondents to log their thoughts on your product as they use it during their daily activities. These "off the top of my mind comments" can be of great value when launching a new product or opening a new location.

The aforementioned list of mobile survey ideas are really just the tip of the iceberg for the many applications that can benefit from collecting consumer feedback and market research.

Mobile surveys designed with online survey software can be either inbound or outbound. In other words, you can implement an inbound mobile survey by selecting a keyword that your respondents text. Or, you can send an outbound survey directly as an invitation through a mobile phone list.

Suppose you are having an event and you want to obtain feedback from fans or attendees. How do you inform your fans of the survey? You can advertise your mobile survey in a number of ways: on the back of the ticket, on the bulletin, flyers, or even on the giant JumnoTron screens. Results can be downloaded from the online survey software to a spreadsheet or report, enabling you to share them with interested parties.

Mobile surveys can be conducted as a stand-alone study or can be used to supplement a larger-market research study. Either way, mobile surveys provide you with a means to obtain a real-time pulse of respondents. Mobile research gives you the power to reach those on-the-go participants that are often more difficult to reach.

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