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Measuring corporate image through a reputation research survey

Posted on 3/14/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Reputation, whether it's business or personal, can either strengthen or damage relationships. It can have an enormous effect on shareholder value, whether good or bad. Because of this, tracking and measuring your company's reputation is essential and a key factor in improving it. So, how do you improve it?

Measuring Your Company’s Reputation

Well, you may want to start by asking yourself a few important questions, with the one with the most significant being:

How would your business's reputation impact your overall business performance?

A huge part of this reputation is trust, but how closely are reputation and trust linked to better profit? How much does the reputation of your business encourage your company's primary stakeholder groups' behavior as far as referring, buying, investing and so forth.

What about your customers?

The internet was so different several years ago. Businesses didn't engage with their customers but rather passively sold to them. The overall communication was poor and people couldn't voice their opinions strongly enough. Today, that has changed, and a company’s reputation is viral. Events surrounding a reputation can spread via social media instantly. It takes work to keep a stellar reputation, well stellar, and turn a bad reputation into a good one.

Regardless of your company's size, they are talking about you. They as well as your:

- Stakeholders
- Shareholders
- Prospects
- Customers
- Employees

Knowing this, how are you going to manage your company's reputation?

Implementing Reputation Research Survey Software

Each business has their own take on reputation management. Some will focus on reputation building while others are considering taking a new direction. Then there's those who wish to stay right where they are and yet others are trying to repair and recoup after an unfortunate setback.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to reputation management, but taking advantage of survey software to send out your research surveys is a good start.

To help with the transparency and organization of your reputation management, you need feedback from your most important players listed above.

A reputation survey tool will allow you to:

- Gain valuable feedback about your company
- Earn customers trust because surveys show you care
- Resolve customer complaints quick since you get feedback in real-time
- Show you care about customer service
- Increase transparency
- Identify business opportunities

Reputation management is a complicated strategic problem. Leaders are challenged to measure company reputation regularly and identify the factors driving that reputation, which will eventually lead to the success of the company.

Reputation online survey software will help get you that valuable data you need to make the improvements necessary to continue growing and strengthening your relationships and ensure your good reputation stays intact, and a bad reputation never surfaces.

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