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Making the most of client surveys by using online survey software

Posted on 3/22/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Law firms have increasingly begun using online survey software to help meet their marketing and business goals. When a client survey is designed properly, it can help you evaluate a number of important issues to better serve your clients and strategically plan a formal business development platform. To make better use of this valuable survey tool, there are some essential steps in planning and executing your surveys.

Keep it Simple

The best thing you can do when beginning your surveys is to be clear and concise. You want to find the quickest, yet most effective way to ask a question without being too vague with its intent. Not only should you reduce the character count, but you should avoid any unnecessary phrasing in your sentences.

Keep it Brief

You also want to keep your client survey as brief as possible while still obtaining the necessary information you are looking for to keep your abandon rates low. It's safe to say that not many people will want to sit through a 30 minute survey. If you want to keep your survey abandonment rate low, keep your survey as short as possible.

Brainstorm for Your Survey Questions

Brainstorm a little before you add questions to your survey software. Your goal should be to get actionable feedback and to get this; you will want to brainstorm the exact answers you are looking for. Therefore, take the time to really think through what you are trying to learn from your clients. Build up a list of answers you are looking for and use this list to come up with your online survey software questions. This will keep you from inflating your survey with irrelevant questions.

Make Your Surveys Responsive

You want to make your surveys as responsive as possible. This means ensuring that your clients can take your surveys using a number of devices. For instance, most if not all of your clients are likely to have a smartphone; therefore, a mobile survey should be available to them. This will allow them to take your survey no matter where they are. Just be sure you take the time to view the mobile survey to ensure it looks good.

When creating your client survey, keep in mind that:

- Your clients are not numbers, they are people
- Your clients are who grow and improve your firm
- Your clients can get you referrals

You need to let your clients know that you value them and their feedback is important to you and their answers are much more than merely measuring data. You are also looking to measure satisfaction.

You can use your survey to collect and measure data, but your overall goal should be to gain real insight on how your firm performs and ways you can improve upon it. This will ultimately help you achieve your objectives and strategic goals.
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