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Leadership surveys build better leaders

Posted on 4/24/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

The best leaders make the best decisions, which leads to the most successful organizations. But how does a company identify the effective leaders versus those that are less effective?

Survey software can act as an assessment tool to evaluate and measure an individual’s potential. That is why many companies are relying on surveys as one part of an overall set of pre-employment screening system.

What Can It Predict?

When used correctly, a survey tool can help predict a person’s behavior and capability. They can make accurate predictions about:

  • Motivators.
  • Cognitive ability.
  • Attributes that indicate a person is an effective decision maker, someone who is .good at solving problems, works well with others and has flexibility and resiliency.
  • Leadership ability.

A well constructed job survey makes choosing the right job candidate less of a haphazard process. Using scientific standards, it can provide an employer with precise data about:

  • Those areas where a prospect needs to develop.
  • Which strengths he has that would benefit the specific organization.
  • An objective, realistic look at a candidate’s characteristics, and spotlight those traits that are important for accomplishing goals and performing at a high standard.

How Are They Useful?

Assessments for job candidates, created with online survey software, can help to pinpoint those that have leadership ability. These leadership surveys are capable of discerning complex mixes of traits and behaviors that indicate a prospective employee can be an asset to the organization.

Questions cover a wide variety of attributes, including:

  • Charisma
  • Technical knowledge
  • Ability to motivate
  • Ability to handle conflict
  • Initiative
  • Communication ability
  • Strategic vision
  • Decision making ability

It helps employers and human resource departments to evaluate people on a range of factors like conduct, how they react in certain situations, how they handle pressure, behavior in a group, and how quickly they adjust to different environments.

Some people have the gift of sizing up a candidate quickly and accurately. More often, when left solely to human judgment, the chosen are a jumble of effective and not-so-useful traits. With survey tools, the results are much more uniform and objective. They are an aid, though, not a replacement, for evaluation by employers.

Surveys give companies a competitive edge when choosing the next generation of executives. Selecting the right potential leaders today gives an organization time to train them up in the culture of the corporation and get a well rounded, practical education in the industry.

The right survey offers a information on a spectrum about a large number of applicants. This lets the group choose the most promising. Each is evaluated on a range of competencies, which can then be judged in conjunction with information from customers, clients and previous employers.

Surveys can also help current employees and executives understand their own personal leadership style. This information can help them round out their skill sets, eliminate negative traits and develop a more inclusive style.

To make the most of your hiring efforts and to help current employees improve, a scientifically designed job survey can take your recruiting to the next level. It can make the difference between strong future leadership for your company or mediocre management.

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