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Leadership style and organization success how a leadership style survey can help

Posted on 11/29/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

History shows that stellar leadership can have a significant impact on customer support, employee engagement and organizational performance. However, many organizations don't have visibility like this — and quite often their leaders aren't even aware of how their leadership style is perceived and how it affects employee performance and the demands of the organization as a whole.

So, how can you as a leader learn about the different styles of leadership within your organization and the perceptions others have on you so you can take the necessary steps to make improvements? You can do this through leadership style surveys.

To be the most effective, your leadership style survey tool should not only help you learn about these perceptions, but also allow you to learn more about your actions and behaviors. It should offer specific direction for you to improve on specific behaviors that are unfavorable, whether from customers, employees or peers.

There are multiple areas a leadership style questionnaire can focus on. Some more important and common leadership skills and qualities areas you can evaluate and assess include:

- Problem solving
- Decision making
- Communication
- Strategic vision
- Ability to handle conflict
- Ability to empower and motivate

Another component of an effective survey software leadership style questionnaire is that of self-assessment and self-evaluation. When you complete a self-evaluation, you can learn how others perceive you and see your own leadership style.

Leadership styles aren't something you try on either to see which one fits. Instead, you should adapt certain styles to meet the particular demands and requirements of the situation at the moment, people involved and challenges your organization faces.

There are different leadership styles and the leaders most effective are those who move through the styles and adopt them to meet the needs of the moment.

Some examples of leadership styles include:

Visionary. The visionary leadership style is ideal for when your company needs a different direction. The goal of this style is to move your team towards new sets of shared dreams.

Affiliative. The affiliative style impresses the value and importance of working as a team and connects people to each other to create harmony.

Commanding. While this "military" style of leadership is often used, it's usually the least effective since it hardly ever involves praise and more often involves criticism, weakening job satisfaction and morale.

Your leadership style online survey software tool can help you determine your leadership style and what improvements you can make to become a better, more effective leader. If a specific style isn't beneficial for a particular situation, you can adapt to the current demands of the situation and the challenges your organization faces.

Benefits of Knowing your Leadership Style

So, what benefits will you gain from taking a survey of leadership style through your survey software?

When you know the leadership approach you use, it allows you to:

- Make improvements on your communication
- Inspire and motivate your employees
- Handle challenges that come up more effectively
- Encourage employees to meet the needs and goals of the organization

Basically, when you understand the approach you've been taking as a leader, you can take pride in your strengths and improve your weaknesses so you may become the type of leader that has a lasting impact.

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