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Key types of questions in a survey questionnaire

Posted on 9/14/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
If you haven’t heard yet, surveys have become a big part of the solution of improving a businesses overall customer service experience. Surveys are a great way for a brand to gather measurable data that can be utilized to retain customer relationships as well as build new ones.

If you’ve been considering implementing a series of surveys to encourage user feedback on your business website or social media pages it’s important to make sure that your surveys ask the right questions.

What Is A Questionnaire?

First, a questionnaire is a series of questions that the customers will be prompted to answer. For the best results, the questionnaire should include a combination of open-ended and multiple choice questions.

Multiple choice questions are easy for the customer to answer because all they have to do is choose from one of the preselected answer questions. Open-ended questions allow customers to give detailed answers and elaborate further on their thoughts. Open-ended questions can provide you with valuable insight you might now know or even expect.

What Type of Questions Should Be in A Survey Questionnaire?

While there are all types of questions you can pose in a survey questionnaire, the questions you ask should target, at a minimum, include:

* Customer satisfaction
* Demographics
* Psychographics

A simple customer satisfaction question gives the customer an opportunity to provide input for future services, products and give recommendations on where improvements can be made.

As the word suggests, psychographic questions tap into the customer’s psyche. Customers reveal they're thought process, likes and dislikes. Having insight on the customer’s mindset can be beneficial when it comes to planning new marketing endeavors and product launches.

Demographic questions are often effortless. These questions tend to be geared towards collecting data and demographic information rather than customer experience. This can include things like age for example.

Remember the questions should be straightforward, easy to understand and considerate of the user’s time. This will encourage users to want to take the survey, and finish it. Overly long or complex surveys could increase your respondent’s abandonment rate.

Using Online Survey Software

The easiest way to create a quality survey questionnaire is to use an online survey tool. Yes, survey software allows you to create visually appealing and interactive surveys. This type of software allows you to be creative and form questionnaires that use a combination of images and text or question branching. Question branching will allow the user to jump to the next question after answering a specific question.

For very basic feedback surveys you can simply utilize a rating scale. Once you’ve used an online survey tool to create your survey, you should have a few people to take your survey on a test basis. You can use the survey responses to measure the quality of the survey and to hone the design of the questionnaire.

Once you are satisfied with the survey design and questions posed, you can launch your survey, via email, mobile application, on your own website, or via a hosted survey site.
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