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Is a customer service survey worthwhile

Posted on 8/7/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

A customer service survey is a great way of obtaining customer feedback. It can help your company perform market research, measure satisfaction and gauge expectations. Often, many customers don't bother to voice their complaints which is why online survey software is an excellent way for you to get a better understanding of your customers' problems. But, is a customer service survey worthwhile?

The answer to that question really depends on how you conduct them.

Customer Feedback Is Important

Because gaining feedback from your customers is so important, you can't skip out on the online survey software. It's vital to your business — but again, only if you conduct them properly.

Best Practices When Creating Your Customer Service Survey

You need to make your survey software process as painless as you can to improve the likelihood of your customers taking the time to fill it out. Therefore, you should:

- Keep your survey simple and short

- Ask only the questions you really need answers to

- Offer an incentive for filling your survey out, such as prize draws or future discounts

If you're aiming to gather up valuable feedback from your consumers, then you need to ask them the right questions. It isn't your customers' job to give your company constructive criticism. It's your job to create thought-provoking prompts that will engage your respondents.

To help, below are different types of questions you may wish to include on your survey tool.

1. Product Usage

Some questions you may want to ask are:
- Are you achieving your goals with our product?
- How often are you using our service or product?
- What improvements would you make if you could?

2. Demographics

Demographics are important to sales and marketing teams since they make it simpler for you to segment your customers into buyer personas. Try questions like these:
- Where are you located?
- What's your age?
- What's your employment status?
- Do you have children?
- What's your marital status?

3. Open-Text

These types of questions allow your respondents to write their responses out inside a text box. Some examples are:

- In what way can we improve your experience with our business?
- Describe how you feel about (product or company name here) in your own words.
- How can our employees improve?
- Do you have an additional feedback or comments for us?

Also, following up with the responses you receive is important. You should address negative survey responses as quickly as possible. Your likelihood of retaining an angry and dissatisfied customer is a lot higher if you respond to their concerns immediately. When you respond to your customers' complaints quickly -- and take appropriate action, it shows them you value them as customers and care about their concerns.

While it takes a big and never-ending commitment on your part to retain customers and encourage them to become loyal customers, it's definitely considered a growth milestone. Using a customer service survey is a definite help.

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