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Inspiring employees through a motivational survey

Posted on 10/16/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
While creating a single employee motivational survey will not change your workplace overnight, creating a series of surveys designed to drive employee motivation can help you make choices for your business that will drive motivation, production, and performance over time. The purpose of these surveys is to help you understand what motivates or inspires the people who work for you so you can make better decisions with these things in mind.

Why Conduct Employee Motivation Surveys?

It's always good to know if your employees are happy and satisfied with their work environments. It's a good idea to use the survey software to ask questions about how satisfied they are with their pay, benefits, and the company culture. If they are satisfied with these things in general, then they are more invested in the company and motivated to remain productive in their positions within the company.

The other side of the equation though, is that you can discover areas where there may be problems within the organization. Identifying areas of weakness and eliminating those can help get motivation back on track, increase employee engagement, and reduce employee turnover rates; which are all within the best interests of the organization. Online survey software makes this an easy task for businesses.

How to Create an Effective Employee Motivation Survey

There's an art to creating an employee motivation survey that gets real results. These tips will help you do just that.

1) Ask questions about obstacles that impact their performance. Work/life balance is increasingly important to employees, as is flexibility in the workplace to manage the needs of both. Do your employees feel that the business takes those needs seriously and does enough to accommodate them? What do they feel you could do better that would enhance their performance? What could you stop doing that might enhance performance?

2) Ask what motivates them? Your employees are a diverse group of people. They come from different backgrounds and are driven by different incentives. Find out what types of actions and rewards motivate your employees and offer rewards and recognitions designed to motivate a wider cross-section of your employees.

3) Ask employees if the company makes them feel empowered? Do they have some degree of autonomy within their roles as employees are do they feel as though their every move is dictated? Does the workplace feel like an assembly line or a business of ideas, creativity, and possibilities?

The people who work for you can be the biggest advantage you have over your competition. That's something that's undeniable in the world of business today. Keeping them motivated and productive helps you gain the edge and keep it sharp. An unmotivated workforce, on the other hand, is likely to go work for the competition if you're not careful.

While no survey tool alone can change the tides of an unmotivated workplace, they can empower you to make the changes necessary to increase employee engagement and drive employee motivation through the roof.
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