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Individuals and parents and organizations benefit from learning style surveys

Posted on 6/27/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
There are many different types of learning styles. Everybody has a preferred way to learn, take in, and process information. By focusing on the learning methods that works best, individuals and organizations can develop strategies that will enhance learning potential, academic accolades, and career and organizational success. For instance, visual learners learn best by looking at the written words, pictures, time lines, handouts, written instructions, and overhead transparencies, while auditory learners excel when listening to lecturers, debates, group discussions or even books on tape. Tactile or kinesthetic learners thrive when they can participate in an activity -- so utilizing objects, visual aids, role playing, and field trips work best for these individuals.

A learning styles survey is a survey tool developed using survey software that helps determine learning styles, whether they are numeric, audio, visual, kinesthetic, individual, group or more. Individuals, parents, and organizations can all benefit from using a learning styles online survey.

How Individuals Can Benefit from a learning styles survey

When an individual takes a learning style online survey, she becomes aware of her strengths and weaknesses in learning. She not only learns her dominant learning style, but her secondary learning styles as well. For instance, kinesthetic learners learn by carrying out an action themselves, rather than watching a physical demonstration of an activity or a lecture describing how to carry out an activity. By having the preferred learning style revealed through an online survey tool, students improve their study skills. For example, an individual learner will do better in one-on-one or small class setting versus being part of a large classroom of 100 students. In terms of career, when an individual knows his primary learning style, he can choose a career that best suits his information processing style to increase their chances of career success.

How Parents Can Benefit from a learning styles survey

Knowing a child's learning style can help parents understand a reason for their son or daughter's academic underachievement. It can help to clear up misunderstandings between teachers, parents, and the child. Most importantly, the results of a learning style survey can help parents, with the aid of teachers, to remove barriers to learning. On the other hand, knowing the preferred learning method can help the "gifted" student excel even further.

How Organizations Can Benefit from a learning styles survey

Academic counselors, career counselors, and teachers are not the only ones who can realize benefits from implementing an online survey to determine an individual’s learning style. Corporations can realize improved employee job satisfaction, increased production, and better results by implementing a learning styles survey using an advanced survey tool developed through survey software. Organizational managers can use the results from a learning style survey to better manage projects. That is, managers can assign participants in group projects to those that learn better in group settings.

Managers can also work with trainers to develop individualized programs for employees to acquire new skills and improve their knowledge base. Instead of having a cookie cutter employee development plan, learning style online survey results could assist supervisors to develop individual goals and improvement plans.
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