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Increase employee job satisfaction by using a job satisfaction survey

Posted on 8/22/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
High employee job satisfaction, otherwise known as "morale" is more than just a pipe dream for employers. It may seem that a satisfied employee is one that is happy with her pay, benefits, working conditions, and boss. But from an employer's standpoint, a satisfied employee is committed to his job, engaged in his work environment, and an advocate for his company. Although the sources of workplace contentment varies from employee-to-employee, job satisfaction surveys are a survey tool that managers can use to understand what drives their employees, and perhaps more importantly maximize their quality and productivity output.

But how do you get inside your employee's minds to assess their happiness, morale level, and willingness to go the extra mile? Job satisfaction surveys, or employee satisfaction surveys, explore the factors that motivate employees to optimum productivity. Keep in mind, employee work behavior is influenced by co-workers, the work environment, and management policies -- all which are areas that a manager can influence. Job satisfaction surveys give management the tools and knowledge to build positive employee relationships, constructive work environments, and favorable management policies.

Several common factors impact the level of enjoyment an employee receives from his job. While compensation may seem like a no-brainer motivator, a number of other determinants come into play regarding employee morale as well. For instance, how your company handles promotions and advancements might be a source of resentment or encouragement for employees. Employees also want to feel like you have a vested interest in them -- in their professional success and personal well being. Enabling your employees to have a say in the company's direction helps them to feel that their opinions are important to you. Work-life balance is yet another category that ranks high on many employee job satisfaction lists as a result of today's busy lifestyles. Not to mention that in today's tough economy, job security is certainly on the forefront of many employees’ minds.

Job satisfactions surveys, built with survey software and administered as an online survey -- similar to survey jobs online, help an organization uncover job satisfaction problem areas so that human resources adjustments can be made. For example, changes can include job redesign through job rotation, job re-engineering, and job enrichment to enhance job performance and job satisfaction. Topical areas that can be explored through an online survey on employee satisfaction include promotional opportunities, work environment, co-workers, strategic direction, supervision, management, work-life balance, benefits, organization change, recognition, job training, employee empowerment, evaluations, employee wellness programs, and of course compensation.

Finally, implementing regular job satisfaction surveys developed from survey software aids employers in retaining good employees and recruit top talent. Happier employees are more productive and work harder on behalf of their organization. Over the long term, retaining the best and brightest employees helps to draw on their expertise and experience to propel the organization forward. All-in-all, the job satisfaction survey tool enables organizations to identify the root cause of job dissatisfaction issues to create solutions for improvements.

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